Phil Wickham Opens Up About Worship, Collabs on New Album

Photo from Phil Wickham’s Instagram

Phil Wickham Opens Up About Worship, Collabs on New Album

By Movieguide® Contributor

Phil Wickham recently shared his heart behind his music and his approach to collaborating on music projects.

“There’s a service and thoughtfulness to the listener in worship music,” Wickham said, according to Billboard. “I’m not writing this to just share my story. I’m writing in a way that this is everybody’s story, and to give them a new prayer to sing back to God, this is something for us to do together.”

Perhaps this approach is why Wickham has been a mainstay in Christian music for a decade. This year, he released the popular “This Is Our God,” which spent two weeks at the top of Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart.

Despite his impressive career, Wickham understands that he would not have reached the heights he has without collaborating with other artists. He continues to work with other Christian singers and songwriters to create the best music that he can.

Wickham’s most recent album, “I Believe”—which was released earlier this month—was written with his frequent collaborator Jonathan Smith, who also solely produced the project.

“It was such a partnership, from choosing songs to getting hyped about the vision for the album. We worked on the album on and off for over a year. [Smith] wrote on ‘I Believe,’ ‘Sunday is Coming’ and ‘The Jesus Way,’” Wickham explained.

“I’m kind of sporadic when it comes to making albums and I want to hear every option before I decide on something, musically, which is a producer’s worst nightmare, in a lot of ways,” he continued. “But I love working with him so much because he’s the same way—he wants all the options in front of him.”

Wickham also met with Brandon Lake and Steven Furtick during a two-day writing retreat where they wrote for over 12 hours both days.

“I don’t think we even left to eat,” Wickham said. “This Is Our God,” “Praise the Lord” and “Relationship” came out of that two-day retreat.

Wickham collaborates with other singers’ voices on his projects as well. For some of his songs, he believes that other singers will bring more life to the song than he could with his own voice.

He included Tiffany Hudson in “Psalm 23” for this reason.

Wickham’s collaboration with Naomi Raine came about in a different way.

“I wanted another moment on the album where you hear more than just my voice, and I thought if I could have anyone on the album, it would be Naomi,” he explained.

Without having a specific song, Wickham asked her to join his project. Looking for a time to meet, they realized they both had a free evening in Nashville and set up a recording session. A conversation turned into singing, which led to a song.

“We had no title for it, we didn’t know what we would end up creating, but it became such a song in itself, a holy moment in the studio, we had to call it ‘Holy Moment,’” Wickham said.

These songs are now available on Wickham’s 14-track album “I Believe,” released August 18.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Phil Wickham announced on his Instagram the release of his new song and album both titled ‘I Believe.’  

Wickham wrote, “I BELIEVE” The Song: 7.07.23. The Album: 8.18.23. IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME I BELIEVE!”  

In a separate post, Wickham added, “It’s the title track of my next album, and a song I know I’ll be singing for years to come. It’s a statement of faith and a praise party all at once. I can’t wait to share it and sing it with you all🙌🏼🙌🏼 

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