Sadie Robertson Huff, Christian Huff Share ‘Funny’ Love Story 

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff, Christian Huff Share ‘Funny’ Love Story 

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff just made her first appearance on her grandfather Phil Robertson’s “Unashamed” podcast with her husband Christian Huff.

The couple shared how they met—“It’s a funny story.”

In July 2018, Sadie had just broken up with a long-distance boyfriend. She made a pledge that she wouldn’t date anyone for at least six months. But less than 24 hours later, she met her future husband, Christian Huff. That night, she followed him on Instagram.

“When I followed him, I saw that he had messaged me a year and a half before, and I never saw the message. And it was like the nicest message ever,” Sadie gushed. “And he was like, ‘I saw you preach at passion; it was really powerful. I love what God’s doing in your life…and I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world,’ which I was like, that’s really nice.”

Their first interaction and Sadie’s discovery of the message led to their first date. But before they had a second, Sadie already had a breakup planned.

When she tried to break the news to Christian, things didn’t go as she thought they would.

“How I knew he was the one is actually kind of a funny story. Like when I knew, okay, I think I’m going to marry you, that was actually when I went to break up with him,” Sadie said on the podcast.

“I did not know I was going to get dumped,” Christian interjected.

“It was actually kind of funny because he didn’t realize I was breaking up with him,” said Sadie.

“We had an awesome first date. Everything was going great, but then I was like, I just don’t need to be dating anyone. I’m too busy right now,” Sadie said. “I was about to go on tour. I was about to be in like 17 cities preaching.”

“He was in college I was…thinking I’m not going to be a good girlfriend right now. Like, I don’t really have time to come see you and I’m not going to be able to talk to you all the time so I was really going to go with the, ‘It’s not you, it’s me,'” Sadie continued.

“So I called him, and I was like, ‘Hey you know our date was great…I’m so sorry, but I just really don’t think I’m going to be able to date right now because…I would feel so bad that I couldn’t talk to you, I couldn’t call you, couldn’t text you. I would be on the road,’ and then Christian was like…’Just stop talking…Don’t ever apologize for what God’s doing in your life.’”

“I realized I do apologize a lot because I feel like, Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so busy or I’m sorry, I’m doing this or whatever and… I didn’t want people my age to feel intimidated by what I was doing or jealous of what I was doing so I would constantly like, apologize,” the DUCK DYNASTY star said. “He was like, ‘Don’t apologize for what God’s doing in your life’ and then he said…If it’s a win for you, and if it’s a win for God, and if it’s a win for the kingdom, then it will always be a win for me.”

“Then I was like, forget the plan of breaking up with you, I’m going to marry you,” Sadie finished.

Fox News previously reported on how Christian captured Sadie’s heart: “When I met Christian, his love is so sweet and so kind and so grace-filled that the times that I would be hard on myself, I would see the grace and the love he would extend to me and be like, wow, that’s real love, and that’s really a powerful thing.”

Now, more than five years later, the couple is happily married with two young daughters. And they’ve just written a book together, “How to Put Love First: Find Meaningful Connection with God, Your People, and Your Community (A 90-Day Challenge).”

The Huffs recently gave Movieguide® a glimpse into what their new book is about:

It’s not necessarily a relationship book in the way that you think of relationship books,” Sadie explained. “It’s not romantic relationships…[It instead] leads people to a relationship with God, and I believe if you put God first – which is essentially putting love first because God is love – if you put God first, then love will flow into every relationship.”

“Ultimately, it’s a relationship book with God, it’s a relationship book with people around you and how your relationship with God influences all of those relationships in your life,” she added.