War Room: The Importance of Prayer


War Room: The Importance of Prayer

By Trevor Pacelli

Every individual who needs air to breathe sees various forms of suffering in life that tests the matter of reliance. If a family is facing financial struggles, they may depend on only themselves to pay off the debt. If a woman sees her husband dating somebody else, she may depend on the comfort of another close friend. It unfortunately proves how God too often gets set aside as a last resort for rescue. For anybody who wants to learn more about how much power prayer holds, then Alex Kendrick’s (FACING THE GIANTS) feature film, WAR ROOM, will motivate that needed motivation.

WAR ROOM focuses on the Jordan family, which includes distressed realtor Elizabeth (Priscilla C. Shirer), her workaholics husband Tony (T.C. Stallings), and their distanced daughter Danielle (Alena Pitts). Elizabeth, on a day like any other, meets with a new client at work: an elderly woman named Clara (Karen Abercrombie) who appears a little too religious for Elizabeth’s preference. Yet, Clara persists in understanding Elizabeth’s religious life, and even shares her favorite room in her house: the war room.  Clara had followed Jesus’ calling in Matthew 6:5-6 to pray in secret, so she refashioned her closet into a room lined with posted Bible verses and prayers. She even invites Elizabeth to do the same with her own closet at home.

Elizabeth does eventually make the commitment of turning her closet into a war room, especially after Tony begins seeing another woman. Elizabeth finally feels hopeless in everything, yet this dark corner feeds her the initiative to surrender her whole self to God, allowing his command of unconditional loving dictate her family house. So she decides to respond to her husband’s emotional affair out of love and forgiveness instead of the impulsive shutting out that the average person would do. Everything else that happens from here can only mean great things for the Jordan family, and all because of a certain room.

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That said, once one dedicates his or her life to living for Christ, the pain and struggles don’t always immediately diminish and turn to pure happiness. Contrary to this enlightening belief, both the Old and New Testament tells about men who went through unthinkable pain in order to be remade into a more Christ-like creation (can’t think of any? Look at Jesus.) Prayer doesn’t guarantee a way to extinguish all financial and familial struggles for good. Jesus never guaranteed this in any of his teachings, but it does put our eyes on Christ, and humbles us to realize that only He knows and controls the outcome of our situation.

Prayer is a difficult habit to understand and acquire, it truly becomes a complex art learned over time. Think of it like exercising a specific muscle at the gym. At first, it will be painful, but when the process becomes a regular habit, the easier the exercise gets, and the stronger the muscle becomes. Likewise, the more prayer is practiced, the easier it becomes, and the greater dependency is made with God. It does not guarantee an easy life, but it does guarantee a joyful life. So please take a chance to rent out or purchase WAR ROOM and get that needed push forward to prayer as the Lord intended us to.


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