WHEN CALLS THE HEART Producer Brian Bird Says the Show Stirs Up ‘Soul Cravings’

WHEN CALLS THE HEART Producer Brian Bird Says the Show Stirs Up ‘Soul Cravings’

By Jessie McGriff, Contributing Writer

Brian Bird, the Executive Producer of the hit Hallmark series WHEN CALLS THE HEART, says the show is making people hungry for the Gospel.

“My pastor for 25 years, Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, once told me what I was doing was huge because it is breaking down barriers in our culture,” Bird said in an interview.

At the 27th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry, the show won the Epiphany Prize for Inspiring Television Program.

Bird continued:

It’s breaking down barriers to the message of the Gospel because we are stirring up heart cravings among even nonbelievers that need to be filled.

We want very much to bring hope, faith and love to the marketplace and the media marketplace and to put it on screens everywhere. Because honestly, the great virtues of Scripture, the truths of Scripture, are truth for everyone—even those who don’t claim Jesus as their Savior or who don’t practice their faith in Christ. Those truths are for everybody because God loves all of them, and God created all of them, and He wants a relationship with them.

While we don’t see ourselves as an evangelistic show, the call, I believe that God put on my heart, is to stir up deep soul cravings in people using story. I have a theology about all of this too. It’s not just my hope, my dream and my aspiration. It’s actually something I honestly believe that God has ordained. God was the first storyteller, and story is soul food. My personal goal is to stir up soul cravings in people who watch our show, and if we’re doing our job, God will do the rest.

WHEN CALLS THE HEART is so inspirational, it’s no wonder the show has a large fan base of 3 million people.


Bird said WHEN CALLS THE HEART has caused people to come together in community with each other. He hopes that even long after the show ends the friendships that were created because of the show will last a lifetime.

Even though WHEN CALLS THE HEART is not an overt Christian show, it contains many faith-based elements and references to God.

The show promotes uplifting moral messages of community and family. Because of the content in WHEN CALLS THE HEART, the show is making people feel hopeful and giving them a desire in their soul to want to hear more about God.

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