Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

NO ESCAPE is a futuristic thriller set in the year 2022 and portraying a new system for dealing with an over-abundance of criminals. Ray Liotta plays an ex-Marine criminal convicted of murdering his commanding officer and sent to a penal colony located on an island that has no rules, no guards and no way out! Graphic violence, horror and a warped image of "good" should turn off anyone but the most jaded.


(NA, L, VVV, O, M) Neo-Pagan worldview; 6 obscenities & 3 profanities; extreme and graphic violence throughout; and, theft.

More Detail:

In NO ESCAPE, the year is 2022, and in order to deal with criminals, the private sector has taken over the prison system. Ray Liotta stars as Robins, an ex-Marine loner sent to the remote prison island of Absolon for murdering his commanding officer. Immediately upon Robins’ delivery, he is pictured covered in rats and surrounded by demonic voices. Soon after, Robins is captured by a bloodthirsty gang of convicts, the Outsiders, who force him to prove himself by murdering one of their own. Robins soon falls in with the Insiders, an agrarian society with its own social structure and, over time, becomes a productive member of that group. Robins is able to use his military skills to lead the Insiders to victory over all their foes. In the end, many lives are lost and much blood is shed, yet the audience is led to believe that good triumphs as the Insiders squelch their opponents.

NO ESCAPE is a futuristic thriller with a fast, action-paced plot. Although the violence and horror are not on par with ALIENS or THE TERMINATOR (films by the same writer), they exist in sufficient amount to jolt even the most jaded patrons. NO ESCAPE actively confuses the audience by presenting cold-blooded murderers as the “good guys.” As the end finally approaches, most people wwill probably conclude that there are much better ways to spend both your time and money.

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