"Sacrifice Thwarts Vengeance"


What You Need To Know:

Streaming on Netflix, EXTRACTION II continues the adventures of mercenary Tyler Rake. Recovered from his last mission, Rake leaps into action to save his ex-wife’s sister and her children. The woman’s husband, an Eastern European crime lord, is forcing them to live in the prison where he’s locked up. Rake and his team rescue them from prison, but the husband’s killed during the rescue. The husband’s ruthless brother vows revenge.

The rescue story in EXTRACTION II is similar to the first movie. However, exciting action sequences and powerful moments propel EXTRACTION II to be more entertaining than its predecessor. However, a highly touted 21-minute action sequence aboard a speeding train becomes tedious overkill. EXTRACTION II has a strong moral, redemptive worldview where the hero selflessly works to save a mother and her children. Also, a man refers to Jesus as Lord and quotes Jesus saying, “Fear not.” However, the main villain believes God has sent him on a mission to exact vengeance on the hero. EXTRACTION II has some strong foul language and very strong, sometimes bloody violence; so, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.


(BB, CC, FR, LL, VVV, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral worldview where the hero selflessly works start to finish in a heartfelt manner to save a mother, his sister-in-law, and her children from harm at the hands of her East European gangster husband and his ruthless brother, and there’s a touching scene where the hero’s ex-wife tells him that, before their son died from terminal cancer, he was proud of his father and wanted to be brave like him and didn’t resent the hero from going away because he was going to save people, plus there’s some overt Christian content such as a major fight scene takes place in a church that’s been ravaged by war, and the brutal main villain’s older uncle tries to implore him to stop his evil chase of his brother’s family and be forgiving as Scripture directs and reads a passage from the New Testament where Jesus says, “Fear not,” and refers to Jesus as Lord, but the main villain brutally rejects the man’s Scripture-based entreaty (movie implies that the scene is taking the side of the uncle’s Christian entreaty), plus the movie has some Christian, redemptive elements and situations promoting forgiveness and sacrifice, but there’s some false religion because the main villain says at least twice that God and God’s Law demands that he take vengeance against the hero for killing his brother (one of those times, the main villain also says his vengeance is a “mission” from God for him); Language: 18 obscenities (including 10 “f” words), one Jesus profanity, one GD profanity

Very strong violence with some blood and infrequent blood spray includes near-constant hand-to-hand combat with punching and kicking and waving knives in assaultive fashion, a bare-knuckled boxing match and a riot occur in a prison, main villain stabs political office holder in the neck with a pitchfork, many gunfights or gun battles, people are shot, people are stabbed, a man is repeatedly stabbed, a man’s heavily clothed arm is partially stabbed by a saw during a fight, at least two men are suddenly shot dead, a 21-minute chase and fight occurs on a moving train and involves shootouts and close combat and explosions, a prison riot features dozens of men punching and kicking each other, a heroine endures the same non-stop fights as the men do

No sex

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Man smokes a cigarette in one scene, and the bad guys run a drug cartel in the former Soviet province, now country, of Georgia as well as sell illegal weapons;

Miscellaneous Immorality:
The main villain is consumed by revenge so much that he mistreats his teenage nephew to exact his vengeance on the hero for killing his brother (the brother threatens his wife’s life in one scene after slapping her), people have gangster tattoos, and the hero is divorced from his wife because their son’s terminal cancer diagnosis, and the hero’s inability to handle it drove them apart, but there’s a touching reconciliation scene.

More Detail:

EXTRACTION II is a thriller on Netflix. It continues the adventures of mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), who was left drowning at the end of the first movie and presumed dead. He shows plenty of life in this new adventure, as he leaps into action to save the wife and children of an Eastern European crime lord named Davitt who is dominating them by forcing them to live in the prison where he’s locked up.

The mission in EXTRACTION II echoes the first movie’s mission, where Rake also battled to save a child, the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. Thus, the plot could easily have a been-there, done-that feel for viewers, but the incredible action sequences and the plot driving EXTRACTION II are more entertaining than the first movie.

The movie opens on Rake hanging on for life in a hospital after barely surviving his drowning. He retires from his mercenary career and moves to the forest of Austria until a stranger approaches and asks him to rescue his ex-wife Mia’s sister and her two children, who are imprisoned along with her gangster husband, Davitt.

Rake calls on his adventure partner, Yaz (Adam Bessa), and Yaz’s sister, Nik (Golshifteh Farahani), to help him lead a daring late-night foray into the prison to grab the family and escape. A prison riot breaks out, with hundreds of prisoners fighting to stop them from getting out. The evil husband/father Davitt is killed by Rake in the melee, causing Davitt’s teenage son, Sandro, to hate Rake and sabotage the escape plans.

Sandro secretly contacts his father’s brother, Zurab (Tornike Gogrichiani), who’s even more ruthless than Davitt. Calling in his own army of gangsters, Zurab begins a relentless pursuit of Rake and the family that could leave them dead at any moment.

Will Rake and the family successfully win their freedom and survive?

EXTRACTION II doesn’t waste its time on complex plotting. Once all the key plot elements are put together in the first 20 minutes, the remaining 100 minutes are virtually non-stop action. There is the usual close combat punching, kicking and throwing people and frequent shootouts, often with machine guns. However, the action sequences here somehow manage to be fresh and exciting thanks to the stellar direction of Sam Hargrave, who also helmed the first movie.

However, sometimes the movie is overstuffed to the point of tedium. For example, Netflix is bragging about a 21-minute action sequence aboard a speeding train where Rake fights off dozens of bad guys to get to the family. The sequence has some inventively staged punching, kicking, shooting, and, of course, the hero having his head forced out a window as a tunnel wall is about to smack him. However, 21 minutes is way too long, becomes tedious overkill (pun intended) and shows a general disregard for human life where the bad guys are just targets in a video game. It would have been better to make the movie 10 minutes shorter by cutting the sequence in half. Or, another fine idea would be to actually write more plot and dialogue rather than relying on excessive violence to make EXTRACTION II more entertaining.

Be that as it may, EXTRACTION II has a jaw-dropping scene atop a slanting glass building, where Rake and his female sidekick take turns battling Zurab as they and the madman all try not to slip off the building into oblivion. The way that Rake saves her and the dangling struggle to survive between Rake and Zurab are terrific.

EXTRACTION II also has several quiet, dramatically powerful moments. As Rake, Hemsworth shows a greater range than most action heroes in these scenes, proving he can bust out a tear as easily as he can bash in a skull. These scenes last only a minute or two before he and the bad guys are back on a rampage.

EXTRACTION II has a strong moral worldview. For example, the hero selflessly works start to finish in a heartfelt manner to save a mother, his sister-in-law, and her children from harm. There are also brief, overt Christian moments. For example, there’s a line referring to Jesus as Lord and Jesus saying fear not in the New Testament, as well as scenes of sacrifice and forgiveness. The brutal villain, however, believes that God’s Law demands he take vengeance on the hero, who killed his brother. He also believes he’s on a mission from God. Finally, though the foul language and graphic violence in EXTRACTION II are kept to a minimum, the violence is very strong and sometimes bloody, and there are several “f” words, along with a Jesus profanity and a GD profanity.

For action movie aficionados, EXTRACTION II delivers strong, compelling entertainment for adult viewers. Everyone who’s not a solid or rabid action fan will likely love it less. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution because of the rough content in EXTRACTION II.

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