The A.T.O.M. Suit is Such a Ripoff

We all know the most amazing suit in the world is the Iron Man suit. Because of this fact, there will be many people copying and outright stealing the design.

Judge for yourself from the photo and description below about the A.T.O.M. suit:


Here are a few functions of the suit (Soure:

“Flight: The suit contains high powered propulsion jets on the back, shoulders, upper arms, and in the legs, allowing the wearer to fly with great speed. The wearer can also perform aerodynamic feats with ease, as well as simply hover.

Superhuman Durability: The suit can resist several forms of damage, such as bullets or arrows. It can be caught in explosions and not have a scratch on it.

Compressed Solid Light Blasters: The suit can project focused energy blasts of solid light blasts that generate similar force to that of powerful windstorms, are emitted from the wrists and hand that are powerful enough to crack concrete grounding.

Electricity Projection: The suit is equipped with gloves that project arcs of high voltage electricity via the fingertips.

X-Ray Vision: The suit has the ability to use the equivalent of x-ray vision to see through walls.

Computerized Detection Systems: The suits computer systems are capable of scanning objects and identifying in seconds, even if the object is obscured. These systems can create a near three dimensional image of whatever it sees and can uses to this to render a scanned object and other information surrounding it within its advanced heads-up-display (HUD). The HUD is capable of processing several images at once. It also has a targeting system and projects targeting reticles on the HUD.”

If that’s not a copy of the Iron Man suit I’m not sure what is.

What is even more insulting to fans of Iron Man is the quote from the designers over at DC Comics about the suit:

“Our goal when we had an idea to do a super suit was ‘How do you do it in a way that’s not Iron Man?’ That’s the trick creatively. Because we don’t want to duplicate Iron Man, we want to do our own thing. So there’s a lot of practical elements to the costume that on Iron Man they have done with CG. We’re gonna do it practically.”

Saying that you are not going to copy the Iron Man suit does not give you free reign to go ahead and copy it.

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