Anti-Porn Boycott of Groupon Succeeds

The major online coupon distributor, Groupon, has stopped promoting pornography after a successful membership boycott.

As Groupon began to promote pornography coupons with the pornographer known as Kink, plus other porn companies, a national boycott of their services went into effect. Over 20,000 members canceled their subscriptions on learning of Groupon’s dealings with these pornography companies.

The boycott was initiated by Morality in Media (MIM), a Christian organization. It lasted two months and included a webpage by MIM for consumers to cancel their subscriptions easily.

According to MIM’s Executive Director, “The Groupon national boycott demonstrates that large numbers of people are willing to take action to challenge pornography wherever it rears its ugly head.”

– Source:  Morality in Media, 06/06/1