Denver Nuggets Player Says God Gives Him ‘Love From A Stable Source’

Michael Porter Jr/Instagram

Denver Nuggets Player Says God Gives Him ‘Love From A Stable Source’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Michael Porter Jr. is back on the basketball court after leaving last season early to undergo back surgery. 

The Denver Nuggets wing recently shared what he’s focusing on as he returns and how his faith is playing a role in that recovery. 

“A lot of people get anxious or mental problems when they’re putting their hope in love that’s unstable,” Porter shared. “So, I’m learning how to try to get my love from a stable source, which for me is God. So, learning to put that over things that are changing and fleeting, like the admiration of fans or what the public says about you, that’s been a big thing that’s brought me peace.”

Porter also shared some advice that his pastor gave him that has stuck with him. 

“Just reminding me who I am, reminding me why I do what I do,” the basketball player said. “It’s not for the approval of people, it’s not for the approval of the coach. You don’t even have to impress God. The thing that I’m learning is there are so many things that are unstable in life.”

Porter often speaks about his faith on social media. One Instagram post caption reads, “There is a good, loving God named Jesus who died for all of us. All we have to do is believe and put our faith in Him! Through all the heartache, adversity, and tough times in life continue to trust in HIM and His divine plan!”



His return to the Nuggets has pushed the team to the top and they are currently favorites to take the NBA championship this year.