TobyMac Reveals How Collaborating On ‘Life After Death’ Made Him ‘A Little Stronger’

Photo from TobyMac’s Instagram

TobyMac Reveals How Collaborating On ‘Life After Death’ Made Him ‘A Little Stronger’

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian artist TobyMac recently reflected on his latest album, Life After Death, and why he chose to collaborate with other artists.

The album features the voices of Blessing Offor, Zach Williams, Sheryl Crow, Tauren Wells, Sarah Reeves, Jon Reddick, Cory Asbury, TobyMac’s daughter Marlee and many more.

TobyMac wrote the album in response to the sudden death of his son, Truett McKeehan, in 2019, noting that for this album, he “needed a little help from my friends to make it through it.”

“I’ve always dreamed of doing a collaborative record – a record of collaborations,” TobyMac told Christian Headlines in a recent interview. “And I thought this would be a better time than any because I feel like maybe I needed a little help from my friends to make it through it. After what I’ve experienced and losing my firstborn, I just think people came alongside me and helped me – helped me maybe sing some of the things that were hard for me to sing, and maybe made me a little stronger. So I’m grateful.”

The 58-year-old artist also announced his annual Hits Deep tour would launch on Jan. 26.

“I think it’s the ultimate moment for a songwriter,” TobyMac said of touring. “It’s fun to write a song and record a song. It’s fulfilling. When that song and that artist and those people come together, it’s a special moment.”

Movieguide® previously reported on TobyMac’s album, Life After Death:

TobyMac, whose real name is Kevin Michael McKeehan, said that as he wrote the new album, the songs moved from sad to hopeful.

“The pain and anguish was just killing us. I never thought I would ever have it together again,” he said. “I want to write songs that resonate. It’s amazing how many people have experienced loss and how a song just loves them well, wherever they are. I’m so grateful for that.”

Despite the painful tragedy of losing their son, TobyMac said that he and his wife’s bond grew stronger through the trial.

“We just look each other in the eyes and talk about the hard things,” he explained. “That’s been special to our family and needed… Truett was their hero, so it’s hard. Do we all know that he made a mistake? Absolutely. We all know what happened. My kids are aware, but it doesn’t tarnish the person that Truett is to any of us.”

In his honor, TobyMac established the Truett Foster Foundation, which has already helped three young men through college with scholarships.