Actor, Former Navy Seal Team Up to Donate Face Masks to Christian Colleges, Charities

Photo from Micheal Fishman’s Instagram

Actor, Former Navy Seal Team Up to Donate Face Masks to Christian Colleges, Charities

By Movieguide® Staff

SEINFELD actor Michael Fishman teamed up with retired Navy SEAL Sean Matson and his military equipment company MATBOCK to help Los Angeles citizens amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As cases rise in the densely populated city, Fishman and Matson donated over 500,000 face masks to Christian colleges, charities and nonprofits in the L.A. area.

“Starting in entertainment at 6 years old, I quickly realized the incredibly positive impact we can have in the world through charitable acts,” Fishman told PEOPLE. “When Sean mentioned he had masks, I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to actively help and fight this pandemic.”

Fishman continued: “At my organization WeComend, we are all about coming together to mend communities in need. I have been active with Covenant House for years, having briefly experienced homelessness in my late teens and I immediately knew the impact these masks could have.”

Fishman maintains that the pandemic should encourage people to come together and help those in need despite the hardship.

“We are providing masks for domestic violence survivors, crime victims who have lost everything, educational institutions, and youth programs. This is a time to come together, uplift society as a whole and use the power of our voices for inclusion and togetherness,” Fishman says. “All in all, through the sponsorship and generosity of MATBOCK, we plan to distribute over 500,000 masks into the community.”

Fishman is joined by Matson, who owns MATBOCK and served with the Navy SEALS for 13 years.

“We have over four million surgical masks in our warehouse in Kentucky, and I knew that California, especially the Los Angeles area, had been getting hit hard. I just had to help however I could,” Matson told PEOPLE. “I knew Michael was on the ground there in L.A. and would help get these masks out to the people that needed them most.”

Fishman and Matson announced that the masks would go to Covenant House; Meals on Wheels for Seniors; Orange County Justice Center; Orange County Mother Group; Hope International College; West Anaheim Medical Center; Domestic Violence Survivors Care Packages; Biola University Nursing Department; Cypress College Health Science; and Crime Survivors Charity.