Artist Iveth Luna: ‘I Feel Like God Is Always Speaking’

Photo from Iveth Luna’s Instagram

Artist Iveth Luna: ‘I Feel Like God Is Always Speaking’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Iveth Luna is encouraging her listeners to trust in God’s timing. 

“I always considered myself a really impatient person. And, you know, when God gives you a promise, we think it’s going to happen the next day or maybe in a couple months or the next year,” Luna said of her musical career. “But God gave me a promise when I was 19 in college, and He gave me a vision, and His presence was incredible, and His promise was incredible.”

She continued, “Ten years later, I am walking in this promise. I am writing music for His people and getting to sing these songs and getting to tour and do all these amazing things for His glory.”

Luna started releasing music in 2022 and has already amassed a fanbase. According to Spotify, she boasts over 31,000 monthly listeners. 

“I feel like God is always speaking. He’s always speaking, and it’s our job to tune in and listen to what He is speaking over us and current events,” she said of her writing process. 

Luna said she asks herself, “What do these people need to hear? What does your church need to hear? That’s a prayer I always ask the Lord — What does your church need to hear? What’s the best message? What do you want to say?”

“I always invite the Lord into the writers’ room and just lay it out for Him, and I believe He will give us the words,” she concluded. 

Luna’s latest release, “Right On Time,” covers the singer’s trust in God’s plan. 

“‘Right On Time’ is so special to me because I have experienced both sides of the coin when it comes to worrying about my future,” she said in a statement about the song. “Whether I find myself rushing and striving for the next thing or having anxiety over the next phase in life, I want to remind my soul of all the times God has been faithful to me in His perfect timing. This song reminds our hearts to have confidence in God’s timing and plan because of His perfect track record. I may not always be on time, but I can trust that God always is.”

Luna elaborated on her views on God’s timing in an Instagram post. 

“When I was a little girl, I had these dreams of the future and what it could look like for me. I had such faith and belief that they would happen,” she wrote. “When I entered into my late teens the feeling came again every time I would go to a concert, every time I’d watch my favorite singers on TV or hear them on the radio. In my college days at a worship night, a very simple ordinary night I encountered the Lord in a powerful way I could not deny. I felt His never ending love like never before and he gave me a vision.”

She continued, “In this vision it was a picture of me singing for him, worshiping him. I was not given a timeline, I was not given specifics on what that would look like, just an image of me singing for him. At the beginning I was floored that I was even met with His presence like that. But I think God gave me that promise because He knew I would have to WAIT for it, and He needed me to go back to His promise, back to His character, back to his Word. For so long I chased the dream but I learned He wanted me to seek Him first, because it was in Him that I would find myself and he would set me up at the right time.”

“After many years since that vision, I can still say that I am walking in that dream in His perfect timing. I was not ready earlier for this gift he had for me because He knew it would crush me,” Luna concluded. “Whatever you’re waiting for, I promise that God’s plan and His timing is perfection. In this waiting I dare you to sing along to this song that I hope stirs your faith up to believe that His timing for your life is right on time, every time.”

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