BACHELOR’s Madison Prewett Troutt: Only God’s Love Satisfies

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BACHELOR’s Madison Prewett Troutt: Only God’s Love Satisfies

By Movieguide® Contributor 

THE BACHELOR alum Madison Prewett Troutt discussed her book, “The Love Everybody Wants,” and her journey trusting God through different stages of her relationship with her now husband, Grant Troutt, in an interview with the 700 Club.

Prewett Troutt revealed that she began writing the book while she was single as a form of therapy, “trying to remind myself of the truth of God’s word and promises when I wasn’t feeling it or seeing it happen.”

“And I started writing it single, met my husband in the middle of writing it, and then finished my manuscript for this book two months after being married, so I was able to write from all the different relational, you know, perspectives and I realized this message that I started writing single still applies in marriage which is wild,” she shared.

When reflecting on singleness, Prewett Troutt explained that many singles believe a relationship will complete them. Through praying and talking to God, she realized that only He can make her whole.

“We feel we have to find completion in the things of this world or in someone else, and it was a moment for me that actually led to the inspiration behind this book, where I had this moment alone in my room I was praying, and I was frustrated with God, and I was like ‘Why haven’t I found my spouse?’” she said. 

“And I felt like my purpose was put on hold. I felt like I was waiting for someone else to satisfy me,” Prewett Troutt continued. “It was in that moment where God just spoke to me and said, ‘Madi, you’re looking for all the right things in all the wrong places. You’re trying to find what you’re looking for in another person, and it can only be found in me.’” 

Two years after her time on THE BACHELOR, Prewett Troutt married Grant Troutt. PEOPLE shared about their whirlwind relationship.

“A 27-year-old speaker and minister to athletes and churches, [Grant] Troutt made his relationship with Prewett Instagram official in May 2022 after dating for five months,” PEOPLE reported. “They both posted sweet carousels to their respective pages with heartfelt captions detailing their love for each other. Fast forward three months, the couple got engaged on Aug. 31 after dating for less than a year. Troutt proposed in a romantic setting at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.” 

The couple married on October 29, 2022.

“It’s like heaven knew I needed you,” Prewett Troutt posted on Instagram after their wedding.

“‘The Love Everybody Wants’ is a hope-filled challenge that shows how understanding and embracing the depths of God’s love for us can change everything, allowing you to truly love yourself and cultivate deep, meaningful relationships,” a description of the book reads. 

“Only God’s love can truly satisfy us and complete us!” she added on Instagram.

Movieguide® previously reported on the couple’s relationship: 

BACHELOR alum Madison Prewett and her fiance Grant Troutt are getting ready to tie the knot. Part of those preparations? Premarital couples counseling. 

Prewett explained to People that it “felt like we were supposed to do it.”

“It did take us a minute to figure out what that exactly looked like,” she explained. “We didn’t know if we wanted the pastor who is marrying us to do it, or if we wanted to go to an actual counselor, or if we wanted to go to someone at our church. That was the part where we had to discuss, but we were actually on the same page about wanting that beforehand.”

Prewett continued, “Early on, we were just kind of like, ‘Okay, what does it look like to get premarital guidance?’ We just started discussing that, and we landed on going to an actual counselor.”

Prewett and Troutt’s faith is “the foundation” of their relationship and the couple’s counselor is also “a person of faith.”

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