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Candace Cameron Bure Responds to JoJo Siwa Calling Her The ‘Rudest Celebrity’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure Responds to JoJo Siwa Calling Her The ‘Rudest Celebrity’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actress Candace Cameron Bure recently cleared the air after social media star JoJo Siwa called her the “rudest celebrity” the DANCE MOMS alumna ever met. 

Siwa made the claim in a TikTok, where she quickly flashed photos of celebrities who were nice, rude, funny, etc. It’s a new video trend that is going around the app. 

Bure soon took to Instagram to claim that there was “no drama” between them, and that they had recently spoken to clear the air. 

Siwa and Bure first met at the FULLER HOUSE premiere, when Siwa was just 11 years old. Bure apparently did not stop to take a photo with her, which left Siwa feeling hurt. 

Recounting the conversation she and Siwa had, Bure said, “[JoJo said] ‘You said to me ‘not right now’ and proceeded to take pictures with others… Oh I’m so sorry you weren’t even mean and I get it now as an adult.’”

Siwa initially didn’t want to share the reasoning behind why she labeled Bure rude because it was “not a big deal” and didn’t want to cause any more tabloid drama. 

“At that time you were 11 and I broke your 11-year-old heart,” Bure said in her video. “Especially as a mom it breaks my heart that I made you feel that way.” 

The actress went on to talk about how important it is to think about what you say, especially online. 

“Words matter and our actions matter,” Bure explained. “We all influence people around us.” 

Bure’s message about being mindful of what we say about others online is one we can all take to heart.