Candace Cameron Bure Say’s She Won’t Put Her Faith “In Any Candidate”


Candace Cameron Bure Say’s She Won’t Put Her Faith “In Any Candidate”

Though known for her role in the classic hit TV series FULL HOUSE and Netflix’s recent reboot FULLER HOUSE, Candace Cameron Bure has openly talked about her faith and political opinions in interviews on THE VIEW, which she regularly co-hosts. In a recent interview with “The Church Boys” podcast, she very boldly stated “I’m not putting my faith in Donald Trump. I’m not putting my faith in Hillary Clinton, or in any candidate. I put my faith in Jesus Christ.”

While adding that the Republican party stands by Bure’s worldview and values “for the most part”, she won’t publicly state for whom she’s voting and has been disappointed by the gracelessness of both sides.

Bure added, “If we get too far away from what our Founding Fathers wrote up for us in how this country will be different from all other ones, then we will lose it.”

Bure also talked about being an outspoken Christian in her career, stating, “If I can find the opportunity to talk about my faith, that’s the easy part for me.” She continued, “I don’t look at it from the opposite perspective, that it’s hard to share my faith or hard to speak up. I look for it.”

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