Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Visits American Soldiers in South Korea: ‘Life-Changing’

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Visits American Soldiers in South Korea: ‘Life-Changing’

By Movieguide® Contributor

A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader named McKenzie traveled to South Korea to honor current American soldiers and their families.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, McKenzie said, “I think it’s easy to take being an American and being free for granted, just because we’re in the hustle and bustle of our day jobs and staying busy. But I think the moment that we’re able to slow down, and the Cowboys were supporting us on this journey and this tour, you see these people. They’ve left their families. A lot of families moved with them to South Korea, and it became a whole family affair.”

“It’s not just the people serving [who] are making the sacrifices,” she added. “It affects so many people down the line. But just watching them in uniform, learning about the service dogs or learning about the equipment that they use, it just gives you a better perspective about what it means to be free and what these people do so that we can be free.”

It was the 85th global tour for the Cowboys cheerleaders. Their first was to South Korea in 1979.

“This tour allows us to show those on the front lines of freedom how much their service and sacrifice means to us back home,” said Jennifer Wahlquist, Vice President of the USO’s Global Entertainment Division. “We are honored to be able to help strengthen the well-being of those serving in our military and their families in Korea where service members are either separated from their families, or, if accompanied, are a long way from home.”

McKenzie was grateful to be part of the USO event.

“I tell people that there’s you prior to the USO tour and experiencing what military life is like from the inside and then you after,” McKenzie expressed. “I really, firmly believe that anyone who can get the opportunity to go leaves as a changed individual. You have a greater appreciation for your freedom, for the sacrifice that these people make, but also for their diverse backgrounds and the fact that they have a common dedication to safeguarding our freedoms and all that they do for us.”

“In a few words? I say this experience was humbling, rewarding and life-changing,” she added.

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