Do Parents Need Their Children and Children Need Their Parents?


Do Parents Need Their Children and Children Need Their Parents?

Behind the Scenes of Marvel’s ANT-MAN AND THE WASP with Star Paul Rudd

By Tom Snyder, Editor

Ultimately, Disney’s new Marvel action comedy, ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, is all about the special bond that parents have with their children.

In the movie, Scott Lang aka Ant-Man is trying to protect his daughter, Cassie, and always be there for her. It’s difficult, however, because he’s under house arrest by the FBI. Meanwhile, Hank Pym and his daughter, Hope, are trying to bring Hank’s wife and Hope’s mother back from the Quantum Realm. While Scott Lang’s trying to help them do that, an ill young woman named Ava and her adoptive father are also trying to locate Hope’s mother to gain access to quantum energy that might cure Ava’s terminal illness.

Star Paul Rudd, who plays the Ant-Man and co-wrote the script, discussed the movie’s family themes at a recent press conference for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP.

“Parents and children run throughout the film,” he acknowledged. “It’s something that’s relatable because, whether or not we have children of our own, we all have parents. I’m playing somebody that. . . doesn’t have innate super abilities. I can relate to the character that way.

“I have a daughter roughly the age of Cassie in the film; she’s a little bit younger. And, I know what it’s like to spend the evening playing with Barbie dolls.

“That’s the glue [of the movie]. That’s the soul of it – the love that a family shares, and how we need each other. You know, parents need their kids; kids need their parents. And, if we could somehow build a very funny movie, one that appeals to all ages, that families and kids could see, but that actually still has all of the elements that it fits in the Marvel Universe, and all ages are going to be wowed by certain aspects of it, the idea that I can identify myself in that role was huge.”

In what ways do you need your parents? And, if you’re a parent, in what ways do you need your children?

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