Eric Clapton Says He Refuses to Perform at Venues that Require Audiences to Show Proof of Vaccination

Photo from Eric Clapton’s Instagram

Eric Clapton Says He Refuses to Perform at Venues that Require Audiences to Show Proof of Vaccination

By Movieguide® Staff

Rock and Blues guitarist Eric Clapton announced that he would not perform at venues that require audience members to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination.

Clapton, who is the only three-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, expressed his negative experience with the vaccination and his disagreement with new regulations regarding concerts.

The English singer-songwriter released his statement after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that vaccine passes had to be shown to enter various venues.

“Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021 I feel honor-bound to make an announcement of my own,” Clapton said in the statement. “I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present. Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show.”

Alongside the statement, Clapton linked his song, “Stand and Deliver.”

The lyrics of his song read:

“Do you wanna be a free man? / Or do you wanna be a slave?” Clapton sings in the song. “Do you wanna wear these chains / until you’re lying in the grave? / … I don’t wanna be a pauper / I don’t wanna be a prince / I just wanna do my job / playing the blues for my friends.”

“Manga Carta, Bill of Rights / The Constitution, what’s it worth? / You know they’re gonna grind us down / until it really hurts / Is this a sovereign nation / or just a police state? / You better look out, people / before it gets too late.”

Previously, Clapton expressed his frustration with how the media portrayed the vaccine.

“I took the first jab of [the AstraZeneca vaccine] and straight away had severe reactions, which lasted 10 days,” he wrote in a letter to anti-lockdown activist and architect Robin Monotti Graziadei, the Christian Post reported. “Needless to say, the reactions were disastrous: my hands and feet were either frozen, numb, or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks. I feared I would never play again.”

Clapton continued: “I should’ve never gone near the needle. I continue to tread the path of passive rebellion and try to tow [sic] the line in order to be able to actively love my family, but it’s hard to bite my tongue with what I now know.”

According to Rolling Stone, Clapton’s next show is not until May 2022 in London.