Erin Napier Shares Personal Reason Behind Why Her Daughters Don’t Have Phones

Photo from Erin Napier’s Instagram

Erin Napier Shares Personal Reason Behind Why Her Daughters Don’t Have Phones

By Movieguide® Contributor

HOME TOWN star Erin Napier recently revealed the touching reasons why she has not allowed her daughters to have phones or social media. 

Napier shared a clip from an interview with Kate Winslet where the actress said she did not allow her children to have social media accounts. 

She followed it up with a lengthy post, accompanied by a throwback shot of her. 

“This was me in 11th grade,” Napier wrote. “Smart phones did not exist. I loved making art and doing photography with the Canon SLR I bought with my money from making tips playing music at the coffee shop downtown.”

She went on to talk about her love of photography and how her friends and family encouraged her in this passion. Their encouragement made Napier “confident, not at all worried about if any other girls in my class were into that sort of thing.”

“I am so thankful I grew up without the crushing pressure of social media,” she continued. “As a highly sensitive artistic kid, the criticism or silence of ‘likes’ would’ve hurt me deeply. It would have shaped me into someone, something else. I read once where we should only accept the criticism of people who know us and love us well enough to deliver it gently and in a way that helps instead of hurts.”

Napier called social media “the harshest criticism of all,” as well as “a distorted and broken and misguided kind of critic who sets these young people without their fully developed emotional minds on the wrong path.”

“Is it mean to keep [my children] from communicating with smart phones? I don’t care,” Napier concluded. “I’m also keeping them from finding a distorted picture of who they think they need to be, porn, hate, the criticism of strangers. Childhood is so short. We’re gonna savor every last second of our girls’ that we can.”


Napier frequently talks about her and husband Ben’s parenting style. Movieguide® previously reported:

HGTV stars Ben and Erin Napier are busy with TV shows, multiple businesses, and even starring in an upcoming Christmas movie. However, the renovation couple said that despite their never-ending responsibilities, their family comes first.

The HOME TOWN duo share two daughters, Helen, 4, and Mae, 17 months, and announced that they were taking a step back from their busy schedules to spend time with their daughters.

Over the past nine months, the couple renovated a house for their family to live in.

“This is our quote, unquote weekend getaway,” Ben, 39, told PEOPLE in a recent interview.

“Once you add a swing set, a dog, a kiddie pool and a rabbit cage, suddenly the yard that felt huge in the beginning starts feeling a lot smaller,” Ben said of their decision to buy a new house.

“It really felt like a God thing that we found this house,” Erin added. “It has every single thing that was on that list. It gives me goose bumps.”

A large part of that decision came in an effort to give their daughters a place to grow up; “somewhere the girls can run wild and get filthy.”

“There’s a lot of tree climbing and dirt digging and fishing; those are things that were just a normal part of our lives growing up,” Erin said. “We think of this house as an heirloom.”

“We know this is fleeting,” Erin added. “I feel like we are in the middle of living the best years of our life. I’m very aware of it, and I want to keep it somehow.”

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