FX Network Asked to Move On From Basic Cable


FX Network Asked to Move On From Basic Cable

By Rachal Marquez

The Parents Television Council is urging FX Network to move from basic cable to premium subscription, according to a statement released by the PTC last week. This would place FX alongside networks such as HBO, Cinemax and Showtime in the premium tier of cable packages.

Because of the mature, graphic content FX features on shows like American Horror Story and Archer, families should not have to even marginally support the programming through their basic cable package, according to the PTC statement.

“With each passing year, FX seems to outdo itself when it comes to pushing the most extreme content into the homes of every cable TV subscriber,” PTC President Tim Winter said. “Nearly all of its programs require a TV-MA rating, for mature audiences only, but the problem is that consumers and families are subsidizing the FX Network through their monthly cable bill. It may be less than a dollar per month per subscriber, but when FX collects that fee from every single cable customer, it adds up to almost a billion dollars every year, and that is before a single ad slot is sold to a sponsor.”

The statement released by the PTC said that FX’s programs are only showing more and more of this type of content.

“The content on FX Network’s American Horror Story has reached a new depth of depravity in a recent episode where children are shown killing adults and then drinking the blood of their victims,” Winter said. “Never before have I seen child actors engaged in such outrageous and gruesome onscreen behavior.”

The PTC said examples like this are exactly why FX needs to be put on the same tier as other networks that regularly show graphic or explicit content.

“FX sees HBO as its top competitor, according to comments made earlier this year by FX CEO John Landgraf,” Winter said. “He’s right. And, that’s why FX should be put onto that same tier as HBO, where subscribers can ‘opt in’ and pay an additional fee if they so choose.”

As an advocate for families and family-friendly content in the media, the PTC is urging FX to move toward that premium tier and no longer be included with basic cable.

“Families are fed up with having to subsidize such explicit and harmful content,” Winter said. “With this recent American Horror Story episode, we hope that the solution is clear to all: FX needs to move away from the basic cable lineup as quickly as possible.”


– Source: Parents Television Council, 11/12/15.