Homeowner Refuses To Shoot Former Disney Actor Who Broke In: ‘I Call It A God Incident’

Photo courtesy of Marysville Police Department

Homeowner Refuses To Shoot Former Disney Actor Who Broke In: ‘I Call It A God Incident’

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

When an intruder breaks into your home, do you defend yourself with a gun?

That’s the question homeowner Lou Binninger faced when a man clearly muttering to himself broke into his home in late January.

“He just took this hammer and knocked the window out,” Binninger said.

“My just split-second decision is, do I take it? Do I do it? Because I got a gun, but I didn’t feel threatened,” Benninger said.

Instead, Binninger had compassion on the former Disney child actor, Shaun Weiss, who was under the influence of methamphetamines at the time.

“I felt at peace,” Binninger said. “I call it a ‘God incident.’ It was a divine fit. He needed help, and I can help him.”

Binninger opted to call the police. Weiss was arrested and charged with residential burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Weiss appeared in THE MIGHTY DUCKS movie franchise, as well as Disney’s HEAVYWEIGHTS with Ben Stiller.

The break-in could have been divine intervention, as Binninger works with the Church of Glad Tidings and their outreach programs.

According to the site, Binninger facilitates classes at a local jail.

Class topics include computer keyboard training; substance abuse; rehabilitation; life, parenting, relationship and job skills; health; relapse prevention; child support and child protective service problems; recovery; mental and sexual abuse; anger management; community resources and the supernatural.

“There’s help. So if he’s ready, we can help him,” Binninger said.

TMZ reports Weiss was homeless and suffering a variety of physical and mental illnesses at the time of the break-in. This is not Weiss’ first arrest.

After he was previously arrested in August 2018, Weiss shared some of his story in a lengthy Facebook post.

Actor Drew Gallagher appears to be helping Weiss during this time and started a GoFundMe to raise money to send Weiss to a long-term rehab facility.

Please pray for Weiss to truly encounter Christ and be set free.

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