Jesse Hutch Celebrates 15 Years of Marriage With ‘God at the Center’

Photo by Chris Schmitt for Movieguide®

Jesse Hutch Celebrates 15 Years of Marriage With ‘God at the Centre’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Last month, Jesse Hutch and his wife Loreili celebrated 15 years of marriage, “with God at the centre.”

“15 years of Marriage, with God at the centre, and commitment to love, is by far a most wondrous adventure,” Hutch shared in an Instagram post on May 25.

“As you will see, We love cruising together. Here’s a small glimpse of our time celebrating,” he said. “We were too busy enjoying one another’s company yesterday so here’s a catch-up post today.”

Hutch shared a video of himself rolling up to Loreili on an electric scooter.

“The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen is up here. I’m going to ask her for her number,” he said to the camera.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I was wondering if I can have your number?” he asked.

She laughed and joked, “You don’t know me very well…”

Loreili also shared a post on her Instagram to commemorate their relationship and night together.

“15 years of loving one another, breaking one another, challenging one another, forgiving one another, and many more one another’s! Let’s just say, we’re happy to have one another! ☺️😜😂🎉🍾” she said.

“Doing our best to love gently, and kindly. To honor each other’s strengths & gifts and blessing them. Love never stops loving! Happy Anniversary Jesse!”

Hutch recently celebrated Loreili on Mother’s Day with a short compilation of pictures and videos.

“Happy Mother’s Day to Loreili. Her heart for the Lord is so deep, her convictions and instincts are rooted so deeply in the fruits of the spirit that I am moved to joy, laughter, tears, and humility,” Hutch said. “To watch her love our children is such a beautiful experience. You are a pillar of strength, love, and grace to our family.”

“The kids and I love you dearly. We see all that you do and we love and respect you. We pray this day fill you up,” he continued. “You inspire us. You bring peace. You bring laughter and dance.”

“God bless you Loreili. You are seen. AND: All the mommies: We love you. Our communities need you,” he said. “The world needs all the momma bears. ❤️

In March, Hutch and Loreili attended the 31st Annual Movieguide® Faith and Values Awards Gala.

He shared photos from the event and said, “Movieguide Awards! First of all, to experience this with my number one friend, my love, my supporter, my wife Loreili was the height of this experience. She’s absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, you can see her soul shine!”

“Thank you for having us Movie Guide Awards! I’m thankful for the nomination as an actor for my role in “A Christmas Blessing”, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to present with Mike Rowe. Awesome dude.”

Movieguide® reported on Hutch and THE CHRISTMAS BLESSING:

“It’s the funnest,” Hutch said of performing in Christmas movies. “To be in something that my kids can watch, that my family can watch, my grandmother can watch, I mean, that’s fantastic.” 

“I really love the idea that…if you can do a Christmas movie every year, I mean, it’s just gonna keep coming back. And that’s pretty cool. It’s like a fashion trend, except it comes around a lot more,” he told Movieguide®.

A CHRISTMAS BLESSING is nominated for Movieguide®’s Epiphany Prize® for Most Inspiring TV or Streaming Movie or Program. Hutch is nominated for the Grace Prize® for Most Inspiring Performance for TV.

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