Kirk Cameron Wants to Strengthen Marriages and Families

Kirk Cameron Wants to Strengthen Marriages and Families

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Last week, Christian actor Kirk Cameron (GROWING PAINS, FIREPROOF) stopped by FOX AND FRIENDS to discuss his 30 city-wide tour called “Living Room Reset.” Cameron, a father of six and husband, wanted to create an event where Christian couples could come together to work on strengthening their marriage and families.

Cleverly titled, the event centers its conversation on marriage and parenting in a way that attendees can feel at home because, as Cameron sees it, the living room is the “hub” for families. “Over the years, it [marriage and family] has increasingly produced the best kind of results in our home – a mom and dad and kids, growing together, learning together, struggling, falling, and recovering together, as we all learn to trust God more and more and serve one another better,” says Cameron on his website. 2019 marks the second year Cameron and his wife Chelsea will go out on the road to tackle these topics in different communities.

Cameron often takes to his Instagram to share the joys many testimonials from the event.

While on FOX AND FRIENDS, Cameron said, “At the end of the day, I believe that the strength of a nation is built on the integrity of the home,” Moments later the actor was asked, “what’s the major problems facing couple today?” He thoughtfully responded that he believes couples usually have good intentions, however, they might not know where to get solid wisdom from. To add to his point, he tied in the value of faith, “someone once said, ‘our ultimate hope is not who governs us or in the laws that we make as a nation, our hope is in the power of God working in the hearts of the people.’”

This is one message that Americans need to be reminded of today!

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