Nickelodeon Introduces Bi-Racial Homosexual Married Couple in New Cartoon Series “Loud House”


Nickelodeon Introduces Bi-Racial Homosexual Married Couple in New Cartoon Series “Loud House”

By Jackie Riester, Contributing Writer


First airing in May of this year, “Loud House” revolves around an 11-year old boy named Lincoln Loud, who tries to survive living in a house with his 10 sisters. While the show has only been on air for a little under three months, it has proved to be popular with audiences so far, but not without stirring controversy.


Nickelodeon has stirred controversy with the network introducing its first same-sex married couple on an episode airing last Wednesday. In the episode, “Overnight Success,” Lincoln is having his friend Clyde McBride stay at his house for a sleepover.


The homosexual couple in question is Clyde’s parents, who in the episode walk Clyde to Lincoln’s house for his first sleepover. The two fathers are Harold, voiced by comedian Wayne Brady, and Howard McBride, voiced by actor Michael McDonald.


From a short excerpt of the episode posted on Twitter a few days before it aired, the McBrides are seen as a concerned couple preparing their son for his first sleepover. The McBrides provide Clyde with everything he could possibly need on his first night away from home. Clyde enters Lincoln’s home with a sleeping bag, humidifier, dehumidifier, white noise machine, ear plugs, inhaler, allergy medication, a list of phone numbers to call in case of emergency and finally a picture of the homosexual couple to replace them being there in person to tuck Clyde in.


The couple is bi-racial with Howard being a tall white man and Harold being short and black. Howard shows many feminine characteristics, getting more emotional as they say goodbye; while Harold appears to be more emotionally stable, leading Howard away as he sobs uncontrollably.


Nickelodeon is the last of the three major children’s networks (the other two being the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network) to introduce a homosexual couple into their programming. For families with conservative values, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find their children programming.