One of the Last Real Cowboys, Who Loved the Hollywood Cowboys

One of the Last Real Cowboys, Who Loved the Hollywood Cowboys

Memorialized by the CEO of Republic Pictures, Bob Sigman

Gary Brown’s passing will affect many of us in many ways, but I believe for most of us, the memories, will provide some solace as to the privilege we had in knowing this man.

For me…”Friend” first! Always there to lend a hand…advise on a situation… suggest options. Always with the greatest consideration and respect of one man for another.

On sharing friends – could there be any one more generous than Gary to make introductions.

A “Teacher” and “Historian”, Gary shared his passion and love for the West and our western heroes. He loved telling stories, big and small and he had many stores to tell! I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Visalia a few months ago. We watched his favorite silent movies…and he shared his thoughts on their significance…we listened to favorite singers and he shared the importance of their message… we reviewed books and memorabilia and talked about the friends and heroes that had been part of his life. It was a good weekend.

“Giver”… that he did. I doubt no one knows the total of dollars raised or number of children and/or adults whose lives were to be in some way, shape or form be helped by his efforts.

“Father” and “Grandfather” he was for sure proud on taking ownership of these roles.

“Cowboy?”  Well, the Creeds, Commandments and Rules of The Lone Ranger, Hopalong, Gene Autry, Bob Tex Allen, and Roy Rogers are the words that have come to symbolize core values for many of us. Could anyone have been a better teacher or more inspirational, of greater dignity or honor in his daily life than Gary Brown.

Rest well my friend. I will miss you.


The following poem by Carole Jarvis was written on the passing of her husband, friend and cowboy. I think Gary would like it.

“It’s not the end of the trail for me,

I’m just headin’ out to the light I see.

Beyond those mountains there’s a soft glow;

It’s gettin’ brighter the closer I go.

It’s like the beginning of a new day,

And the trail I’m followin’ leads the way.

I feel sure there’s friends and family ahead,

And they’ve set up camp on a brand new spread.

Yes, I can hear the voices callin’ my name,

sayin’, “Welcome, sure glad you came,

This new range is special, you’ll like it here,

There’s grass for your horses, the streams are clear,

The cattle are gentle and never stampede,

And in every direction there’s plenty of feed.

If you’re thinkin’ it sounds too good to be true,

it’s not—’cause the Boss made a promise to you.

If you’d ride for his brand, be honest and square,

He’d relive all your pain, and remove every care.

He was mighty pleased with your life on earth,

That you did your best, and proved your worth.

So step off your horse, and tied on up,

Your friends are all waiting to pour you a cup.

We’ll talk about old days, as time allows,

’cause startin’ tomorrow you’ll be workin’ cows!”

Dr. Ted Baehr,  the son of the famous Bob “Tex” Allen (aka Ted Baehr), wrote:

I wept. Gary is with Jesus celebrating and telling cowboy stories., but, those of us left behind will miss Gary a lot. He was working with us in Cowboy stories, because my father was Bob Tex Allen and Hollywood Cowboys inspired us both. Gary you are a blessing and will be missed until we join with you at the banquet in heaven.

God bless you! Yours in Christ,

Dr. Ted Baehr.

Editor’s note: Bob Sigman has a solid management track record in the Corporate World with high profile and diverse companies as Bristol Myers, Republic Pictures, and Cowboys and Indians Magazine. He served his corporate tenure between New York and Los Angeles. As President and CEO of Republic Pictures, Bob’s position brought him back in touch with many of his childhood heroes, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and many of the “Cowboy” legendary actors and actresses that graced the silver screen of Republic films. He also became very involved in the annual Lone Pine Film Festival  and the planning and building of the Museum of Western Film History, which opened in Lone Pine in 2006. In 2012, Bob assumed the role of Director and Curator. For more information, please go to: http://www.museumofwesternfilmhistory.org/

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