Please Be Discerning About Disney Movies Too

Photo Courtesy of Disney

Please Be Discerning About Disney Movies Too

By Katherine Harrington, Contributing Writer

$7.67 billion dollars.

That’s how much Disney has made this year at the box office. With blockbuster hits like ALADDIN, LION KING and AVENGERS: ENDGAME, in addition to FROZEN 2 premiering November 22, Disney will surpass any major movie set to release in 2019 alone.

Disney dominates 45% of all revenue that comes from screens. Why is this important? Disney is a family-oriented company and controls almost half of the media we consume. Disney is more than just the movies we see.

Disney owns ABC, Lucas Films intl., ESPN, and now Fox. The shows that will come from these networks are now even more heavily funded.

Even though Disney is a family-focused company, they may still promote a politically correct agenda and could have future problems if money prohibits them from staying grounded in morally uplifting content.

In the now cancelled show ANDI MACK, Disney began its first gay romance on the small screen.

Although the Walt Disney Company may not have relented (we will not know until we screen it), lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer advocates have lobbied to make Elsa a lesbian in the upcoming FROZEN sequel. As Disney seeks to fill the supply and demand of their audiences, they should be careful not to compromise one audience so as to satisfy another.

Disney strives to remain a reliable source of entertainment for all ages. They have pushed for stronger princesses like Merida in BRAVE, or Moana in MOANA. Disney has also moved towards racial equality and representation. BLACK PANTHER is a great example of what Disney has done to include their audiences of all backgrounds.

Hopefully, Disney will not backslide and will continue to produce high-quality entertainment with morally based truths at the center.

PRINCESS AND THE FROG is a classic example of an enjoyable movie tainted by another agenda. In the first Disney movie depicting a black princess, the villain was a witch doctor who practiced voodoo magic. Now PRINCESS AND THE FROG limits itself to who will choose to watch it, as some families do not wish to expose their children to the evils of witchcraft.

As Disney has begun to appeal to its audiences, they must always return to what makes their movies good in the first place, moral truth.

The media superpower will continue to dominate the box office for an indefinite period of time. The thing we need to keep in mind, is to remain Media-WiseⓇ in the process.