HARRIET Actor Joseph Lee Anderson Shares His Faith Every Day

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HARRIET Actor Joseph Lee Anderson Shares His Faith Every Day

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Christian actor Joseph Lee Anderson tries to “treat everyone” with respect because it models God’s love for his children. 

“I try to treat everyone I encounter with respect,” Anderson told Movieguide®.  “In life, I try to remember ‘Hey, that’s God’s son, that’s God’s daughter.’”

He added, “You should love them. You should watch how you treat people.”

The HARRIET actor is still spinning from a whirlwind experience after the release of his first major motion picture. HARRIET tells the story the famous abolitionist who helped lead many slaves to freedom.

Movieguide® applauded HARRIET for its strong Christian/biblical worldview, although it was marred by foul language.

On the red carpet, Anderson told Movieguide®, “I couldn’t even tell you how I got here, just a lot of prayers and be kind to everyone.”

Anderson’s experience was a whirlwind, and he hopped on a plane to the set a mere two weeks after receiving the role.

“Everyone on set was very welcoming. It was a loving set. Everybody became like family for sure,” Anderson said of production.

Cynthia Ervio plays the title role and drew on her own faith to harness her character.

Like Erivo, Anderson cling to his faith in everyday life.

Anderson grew up in church, and once he started college, he caught the acting bug. He decided to drop out to pursue a career in Hollywood. Anderson said his faith is his anchor.


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“For me, working [in the industry], faith is everything.” He went on to say, “There’s so much that that the artists control when getting a job. From where I started to where I am now, it’s nothing but God.”

Currently, Anderson has a new TV project in the works.

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