SARAH’S CHOICE is Rebecca’s Choice

By Jeff Holder

SARAH’S CHOICE is a heartwarming new direct to DVD starring multiple Dove and Grammy award winning recording artist Rebecca St. James.

While many know Rebecca for her songs, her career has taken a few twists and turns. Now, she has added acting to her growing resume.

Rebecca says acting, speaking, and other creative pursuits actually help her singing and songwriting. When she sets one pursuit aside for a season and comes back to it later, she returns with a refreshed and renewed vision for it.

SARAH’S CHOICE was a script that came to Rebecca, and she responded to the heartfelt tug on the character of Sarah, as well as the movie’s decidedly pro-life message. She said, in many ways, it’s an outgrowth to her established abstinence message and work, which came from her hit song “Wait for Me.”

As part of preparing for the role, Rebecca says God gave her a song that was eventually recorded and became a part of the movie.

SARAH’S CHOICE borrows a page from Charles Dickens as a woman has three visions of what her life would be like if she chooses to and if she chooses not to have an abortion. The Sarah character repents, leans toward God, and makes the choice to have her baby.

Rebecca says that the movie is great for parents to be able to raise the issue of unwed pregnancy and abortion with their teenagers, though the movie is not designed for young children because of this theme.

She hopes that teenagers and young adults will hear the message of God’s love through the movie and come to a relationship with Jesus and see the pro-life message in a whole new light.

“Stay focused on God,” is Rebecca’s advice to all teenagers but especially to teenagers who find themselves in the spotlight.

With the release of this new movie, Rebecca finds herself speaking at many pro-life events and encourages all of Movieguide® readers to visit and get involved with their local crisis pregnancy center.

Rebecca, an Australian native, began touring when she was 13 years-old and was making records at 17. She has grown up in the spotlight and knows the pressures that many young stars and recording artists face from that pressure. However, Rebecca has remained focused on God and that has made all the difference.

Rebecca is off to her hometown of Sydney next month to begin filming a new movie, and MOVIEGUIDE® hopes to talk to her about that soon!

SARAH’S CHOICE is now on DVD and you can read the Movieguide® review HERE.

Rebecca is one of MOVIEGUIDE®’s regular presenters at our annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry, which next will be held Feb. 23, 2010 in Los Angeles, Calif.

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