Talk Back to Your TV Set! Sign Our Petition To Stop Comedy Central’s Vile New Attack on Jesus

It was 2003 and this was the official line:

“CBS will not broadcast THE REAGANS on November 16 and 18. This decision is based solely on our reaction to seeing the final program, not the controversy that erupted around a draft of the script.”

That was the official statement when CBS decided not to air its biased liberal docudrama THE REAGANS about President Reagan and his wife, Nancy. While CBS went down swinging by saying that it was their own reaction and not the controversy raised by conservatives that led them to move their multi million dollar, four hour drama to sister pay cable Showtime, we know better.

Talking back to your TV set works!

And, it works both for and against programs.

As far back as 1968, public outcry renewed STAR TREK for a third and final season. Over the years, television series such as ROSWELL, CHUCK and JERICHO have benefited from viewer outcry when the show was canceled, ultimately causing it to be renewed.

The point is that TV networks do listen to viewers, because their economic future is at stake.

MOVIEGUIDE® is in the midst of a campaign to stop production of an animated series called JC on network Comedy Central. The proposed series is about Jesus Christ, living in New York and trying to “escape the shadow” of his father. This is the network that brought us SOUTH PARK, which has delivered us a long, tired deluge of immorality and blasphemy.

Now is the time to talk back to your TV set. You can sign the petition HERE and even go the extra mile and helps support us with individual letters to all the parties involved.

You can be a part of the solution to keep God-bashing material off the air.


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