These Testimonies Are Saving People from Suicide in Powerful Ways

These Testimonies Are Saving People from Suicide in Powerful Ways

By Dr. Biane Preston-Reilly

Movieguide®’s recent feature revealed horrific statistics concerning the rate of suicide among our youth. In light of this urgent need, it’s so important for teenagers and young adults, as well as their parents, teachers and coaches, to know where to find as many effective resources as possible to combat this epidemic. One helpful resource we recommend is the series of youth testimonies now on YouTube developed by Dr. Diane Preston Reilly, president of Challenger films.

The Real Winning Edge has a number of testimonies of young people who have overcome the decision to commit suicide. One story was about a student named Luke, who dealt with issues of abandonment and attempted suicide. This was released on YouTubes’ The Real Winning Edge channel last spring. We learned that in this same week, a girl streamed her suicide act on that website, which received by far more views than Luke’s testimony did. If only our youth would rather see how one of their peers chose to overcome adversity through faith in the Lord. This should be a rampant message being spread across the internet! We in the faith can make a difference to that end.

Luke’s testimony was presented in the Fall to a businessman who runs a large company of 50,000 people, who then decided to share all these testimonies in their weekly email newsletter. One of his employees saw the testimony and wrote the employer to thank him for sending it. He had been on the verge of committing suicide, but after seeing Luke’s story, he turned his life over to the Lord. What a great win for God’s side!

This epidemic of suicides in our country can be battled by spreading stories of people overcoming suicidal thoughts and temptations. Stories that we tell in The Real Winning Edge. Know, however, that the profiles that makeup TRWE deal with many other life issues, and can teach and support life-affirming decisions.

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