TO SAVE A LIFE – Literally!

By Jeff Holder, Managing Editor

The movie TO SAVE A LIFE is the story is of a teenager who commits suicide, which sends his friends into turmoil.

In only one week of release, the movie is the top viewer-rated picture on Fandango and advance tickets are selling out. MOVIEGUIDE® Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr gives it a rave review on But, more than the success in the theater, is the impact that the movie is having on teenagers who see the movie.

“Teens see this film, then they walk out and throw their razor blades away and say, ‘I’m never gonna cut again,'” the movie’s writer, Jim Britts said to WordNetDaily, referring to the practice among teenagers of “cutting,” slashing themselves with razor in order to externalize internal pain.

In addition to writing the movie, Britts is a youth pastor at Oceanside Community Church.

Here are some exciting trends of how communities are rallying around the message of this movie, according to Drew Zahn of on Jan. 27:

· Over 200 “Lifeline Squads” pledged to pre-sell at least 1,000 tickets each.

· A group in Fairbanks, Alaska, purchased 1,500 tickets, while another in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., purchased 2,600.

· One person in Kansas bought 1,000 tickets alone, just so the first 1,000 teenagers to come to the theater on opening night could get in for free. The effort is being followed up in the community by seven weeks of outreach to hurting teens.

· A bus company in Texas volunteered to drive any students who do not have transportation to the film to the nearest showing over 20 miles away. The local school district has joined in an offered to drive other students as well. In the same community, a group of citizens is raising money for all 800 local high school students to attend the film for free.

· In Burleson, Texas, where five screenings of the film have already been sold out, a group organized a “red carpet” opening with cast and crew from the film. Over 500 local volunteers including parents, youth workers, educators and city leaders committed to helping this event reach as many teens as possible.


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