Tracy Morgan Prays a Beautiful Prayer on Morning Radio Show


Following a terrible car accident that left comedian and actor Tracy Morgan critically injured, Morgan’s road to recovery has included a lot of self-reflection and faith.

In a recent interview on the morning show The Breakfast Club, Morgan shared with the hosts about the importance of seeking God.

“God has a way of showing you,” Morgan said. “He’s patient; He’ll show you. . . If you want to know, God will show you. If you want to know, just pray! Get close to him, ‘God, show me. Show me.'”

Morgan continued, “Now, you better be strong if He shows you. It might not go your way. Don’t be mad. It’s all a part of the plan. The accident, it’s all a part of the plan.”

At the end of the 40 minute interview, Morgan was asked by the hosts to close in prayer. Holding hands, Morgan prayed:

“Jehovah, please watch over us. Please protect us. Please give us the strength. Please give us love. Please show us a different way in this world. Please guide us and protect us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”