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What You Need To Know:

The legend of the Beneditti family curse is recalled in the film FIORILE. During Napoleon's reign, a young French lieutenant stationed in Italy, was assigned the task of guarding a trunk of gold. The gold was stolen by a member of the Beneditti family and the curse set in operation. A modern-day fairy tale about love, friendship and justice, the film regrettably contains full-length female nudity and several immoral sexual relationships.


(NA, B, L, SS, NN, V) Pagan worldview, although some biblical principles affirmed; some crude language, no profanities; implied sexual liaison, adultery & considerable sexual innuendo; full-length female nudity; and, violence in men being poisoned & on-screen execution of soldiers.

More Detail:

Luigi Beneditti and his French wife are traveling through the Italian countryside to visit Luigi’s father in Tuscany in the film FIORILE. On the way, Luigi details the legend of the Beneditti family curse for his young, inquiring children. The first flashback describes how a young French lieutenant named Jean comes to Italy during the invasion of Napoleon. His sole responsibility is to guard a trunk of gold coins carried on the back of a mule. When Jean’s army is ambushed by Italian rebels, he hides the trunk in the woods. However, his attention is temporarily diverted by a young peasant girl, and while having sex with her in the woods, the trunk of coins is stolen by Elizabeth’s brother, Corrado. Jean is executed when the trunk is not returned. Elizabeth never discovers that her own brother’s greediness is the cause for her lover’s death. Even though the gold makes the Beneditti family rich, the succeeding generations are under the curse of their ill-gained wealth.

In FIORILE, the Beneditti family legend clearly illustrates the principle that “the sons of the fathers are visited on the third and fourth generations.” Greed, random promiscuity and adultery result in numerous illegitimate children in the film. Also deplorable is the full-length female nudity and a peasant execution on screen–aspects thrown in for shock value.

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