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In LITTLE BIG LEAGUE, when 12-year-old Billy Heywood's grandfather dies, he leaves full ownership of the Minnesota Twins baseball team to grandson Billy. A heart-warming and hilarious summer comedy, LITTLE BIG LEAGUE is marred somewhat by some foul language and brief sexual innuendo.


(B, LL, S, N, M) Wholesome, moral worldview (but no reference to God) -- baseball should be played for fun not for money & family portrayed as more important than wealth; 10 obscenities, 4 profanities (3 exclamatory "jeez") & 4 vulgarities; implied promiscuity in off-screen pay-TV porn movie; brief scene of women in pay-TV porn movie unbuttoning their shirts -- no actual nudity; however, boy reprimanded for watching porn movie & promises never to watch again; and, boy lies to teacher once & ballplayer chews tobacco.

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In LITTLE BIG LEAGUE, 12-year-old Billy Heywood’s friends think it is awesome that his grandfather owns the Minnesota Twins baseball team. Billy thinks it is awesome that Grandpa considers him his best friend. When Grandpa Thomas Heywood passes away unexpectedly, what do the boys think when he leaves full ownership of the major league team to grandson Billy? The answer can be found in the heart-warming and hilarious summer comedy, LITTLE BIG LEAGUE.

While good summer fun, LITTLE BIG LEAGUE is marred somewhat by foul language and brief sexual innuendo, both of which are condemned. However, with excellent acting performances and tremendously authentic baseball action, the good far outweighs the bad. Billy honestly learns some valuable life lessons during which we find the objectionable content. Some “grown-up” big-leaguers learn a thing or two from young Billy as well, including that baseball is a game and meant to be played for fun. Take away the fun and you no longer have a game. “You guys are major leaguers!” Billy pleadingly reminds them. “You’re on baseball cards! What could be better than that?!” Not much, as proven by the comments from two players after experiencing Billy’s magical effect on their team: “Most fun I ever had,” one player says wistfully; “Only fun I ever had,” nods the other. See, I told you…fun!

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