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Delightful Anna Chlumsky reprises her role as Vada in MY GIRL 2, only this time she goes to Los Angeles during school break to find out more about her mother who died when she was born. The movie is low-key and somewhat enjoyable, but sets a poor example for young people with two unmarried people living together.


(H, L, N, S, NA, A/D, PC, B) Very subtle humanist worldview; 4 obscenities, 2 profanities & some sexual talk; pregnant woman wears dresses with plunging necklines; adulterous relationship with couple living together; some New Age banter; marijuana use; some politically correct dialogue supporting a socialist position and denigrating traditional values; and, a redemptive ending.

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Delightful, though serious, Anna Chlumsky reprises her role as Vada in MY GIRL 2. Her stepmother and father await the birth of their baby. Meanwhile, Vada receives an assignment from her English teacher to write about a person she’s never met telling about their greatest achievement. She decides to write about her mother and flies to Los Angeles, her mother’s hometown, to find out more. Staying with Uncle Phil and his boss and lover, Rose, she gets to know Nick, Rose’s son. Vada finds out many things about her mother, but the most startling is that she was married once before. At the end of her trip, Vada is satisfied with what she discovers and comes to terms with her mother’s death.

MY GIRL 2 is a low-key, somewhat enjoyable movie, and Anna Chlumsky once more steals the show with her whimsical mannerisms, confident air and reflective personality. Her search for her mother leads one to wonder how she could appear to be so poised and understanding without having had her mother’s influence. The poor example set for Vada, with Rose living with Phil before marriage, is deplorable. MY GIRL 2 is filled with warm fuzzy feelings and an upbeat ending but never grabs the audience’s imagination, heart or mind. The film, in short, is aimless, perhaps serving only as a mild, humanistic sex education course for Vada, though boring the audience in the process.