Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE NEW AGE tells the story of a sophisticated middle-aged L.A. couple seeking something deeper in their shallow, failed lives. Regrettably, the film itself is shallow in its attempt to examine spiritual seeking among the ultra-hip and is marred by unredeemed paganism, sinful sexual morals and practices, and a casual attitude toward the darkest of sins.


(NA, LL, SSS, NNN, A, D, H, Ho) New Age worldview with strong pagan elements portrayed; 18 obscenities, 3 profanities; 5 scenes of intercourse graphically depicted (3 of the 5 adulterous); extensive female nudity, one occurrence of frontal male nudity; alcohol and drug use depicted; elements of humanism and moral relativism; homosexuality subtly portrayed

More Detail:

Set in Los Angeles, THE NEW AGE centers around a rich, hip married couple who both lose their jobs due to a shaky economy. In financial trouble, they throw a party to forget their troubles and end up in adulterous relationships due to the spiritual emptiness of their lives. Introduced to a New Age guru, they seek his advice to start a new business together: a pricey clothing store. However, even this new venture is doomed. As their trendy pagan practices fail them and they bottom out in their pursuit of sensual and supposedly spiritual pleasures, they contemplate suicide. However, in the end they discover more new ways to exploit others and continue in their separate, superficial lives, profoundly unchanged.

Regrettably, THE NEW AGE never does more than scratch the surface. The film is technically and artistically proficient, but too self-consciously hip to be genuinely insightful. It portrays a world of superficial spiritual seeking, but never digs beneath the glibness to give the viewer even a glimmer of why the emptiness exists, or why people feel the need to seek depth in their lives. It is also marred by unredeemed paganism, overtly sinful sexual practices, and an all-too-casual attitude toward the darkest of sins.