What You Need To Know:

Containing many obscenities, violence and sexual situations, BOYS DON'T CRY can be best described as a redneck THE CRYING GAME, except that the audience knows from the start that he is really a she, but residents of Falls City, Nebraska have yet to figure it out. Hilary Swank plays Teena Brandon, a girl who poses as a man and falls into a lesbian relationship with Lana.


Homosexual worldview championing lesbian relationship with pagan elements such as lying, deception & massive dysfunction; 82 obscenities & 8 profanities; moderate violence including bar fight, implied self-mutilation, fall from truck, rape scene, & bloody shooting; lesbian kissing, three scenes of lesbian sodomy & some sexual talk; full female nudity & upper male nudity; alcohol use, abuse & man offers beer to little girl; smoking, inhalant use & briefly depicted marijuana use; and, lying, deception, rebellion, & hatred.

More Detail:

BOYS DON’T CRY can be best described as a redneck THE CRYING GAME, except that the audience knows from the start that he is really a she, but residents of Falls City, Nebraska have yet to figure it out. Hilary Swank (last seen looking lovely on television on BEVERLY HILLS, 90210) plays Teena Brandon, a girl who wraps her breasts flat, pads her front and wears short hair to look like a man named Brandon. She even has a swagger. Originally from Lincoln, she is on the run from a court date indicting her for grand theft auto.

In Falls City, Teena befriends a reckless redneck named John (Peter Skarsgaard) and a karaoke singer named Lana (Chloe Sevigny). Everybody thinks Teena as Brandon is a guy, and Lana thinks the guy named Brandon is handsome. Soon, they are all out partying, drinking beers and even outrunning the cops. Teena eventually makes love to Lana, doing everything short of intercourse. Lana thinks she has found her man, and Teena declares her plans to marry Lana. When Teena misses a court date, the Falls City police finally catches up with her.

The local papers talk about the arrest of Teena Brandon. In prison, Teena tells Lana another lie, that she is a hermaphrodite. Lana lets Teena out of prison, but Peter and his best buddy decide to pull Teena’s trousers down to see for themselves. When they discover Brandon is really a girl, they take her away and rape her. When she comes back to town, greater violence occurs, resulting in great tragedy.

Throughout the movie, Teena Brandon is depicted as a tragic figure. She’s a loner, outrunning the law, lying to everyone about her true sexual identity. Yet, the movie seems to make her the hero and then the victim, where the men become aggressive criminals, bent on destroying spirits and life itself.

God or even religion is far from these people’s lives. This is reflected by their dirty, disheveled lives. They seem to cover over every pain with the mantra, “Here, have a beer.” Lana wears not one but two crosses, but to no consequence. Thankfully, John and his rapist friend aren’t portrayed as Christians.

Though BOYS DON’T CRY doesn’t have some of the more rude elements of a highly defined lesbian agenda like BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, it turns the audience’s sympathies toward Teena. Teena is lost and needs help, but she doesn’t need a hug that only sends her off again to pursue her errant ways. She needs redemption. BOYS DON’T CRY but Christ does over our willful rebellion that prevents us from being all that He created us to be.

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