"Questionable Spy Thriller"


What You Need To Know:

GHOSTED is a comical spy thriller on Apple TV Plus. Cole is a normal American man whose interests include history and farming. When he meets a beautiful girl named Sadie, their relationship goes past first base. After it appears that she ghosts him on social media, he follows her to London. Cole thinks he’s making a romantic gesture. However, he finds himself captured by Russian terrorists who refer to him as “The Taxman” and interrogate him about a weapon. He’s saved in the nick of time by Sadie, who turns out to be an international spy.

The action sequences in GHOSTED are exciting but often so over the top as to be laughable. Also, the comedy is lackluster, and the two romantic leads are miscast and misdirected. The parts of the movie intended to make viewers laugh are only partially effective. For these reasons, the movie is only slightly satisfying. GHOSTED has a lazy Romantic worldview with only a few moral elements. It also has some lewd content, strong foul language, and intense, sometimes excessive action violence. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.


(RoRo, B, LL, VVV, S, A, DD, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong Romantic worldview with some moral elements

Foul Language:
12 obscenities (including two “f” words), one Jesus profanity, three GD profanities, and about nine light profanities

Very strong and strong violence includes a man prepares to torture another in various unpleasant ways before a woman arrives and kills him and his henchmen with head shots (no blood), a woman kills many assailants with a machine gun in an extended chase scene, many hand to hand and gun fatalities, vehicles overturned, a motorcycle crashes and explodes, a man dumps ants on a wounded man (bloody eyes and screams of pain), a bounty hunter shoots a man in the head before a second bounty hunter shoots him, another bounty hunter breaks the neck of the second, an earlier bounty hunter runs down a fourth bounty hunter with a car, many marines attack a man and woman on an island, many people are killed in a finale shootout (many head and body shots from handguns and automatic weapons, several hand to hand combat fights, a person is pushed into large iron gears, etc.)

Implied fornication scene, a woman talks about the sexual tension between an unmarried couple, some sexual innuendoes, and a visual euphemism for self-abuse

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
Many people drink heavily during a live music show at a bar

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
A woman asks a man if he wants to get high, and when he turns her down, she asks him to watch her get high; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Both leads deceive one another about who they are.

More Detail:

GHOSTED is a spy comedy streaming on Apple TV+.

When an underwhelming guy, Cole, whose interests include history and farming, meets a girl, Sadie, that he thinks might be “the one,” their new relationship quickly goes beyond first base. After it appears that she ghosts him on social media, he follows her to London, thinking he’s making a nice romantic gesture.

Arriving in the UK’s most famous city, he finds himself captured by Russian terrorists who refer to him as “The Taxman” and interrogate him about a weapon known only as Aztec. Saved at the last minute when Sadie herself shows up, Cole is floored to find that his ghosting girlfriend is actually an international spy, and her carefully cultivated underworld persona is “The Taxman.” Caught up in her mission to save the world from a misuse of Aztec and unprepared for what lies ahead, Cole gets more than he ever wanted in this match made in international espionage.

GHOSTED is certainly action packed. Some of the action sequences, whether played for laughs or for real, choreographed, slo-mo, or otherwise, are quite effective. However, this strength at some points becomes a weakness because the action is often so unrelenting and over the top that it becomes laughable, with a petite female operative almost single-handedly taking down hordes of male assailants. One outlandish scene after another becomes a rather mindless action fest.

Also, the parts of the film that are intended to make one laugh are only partially effective, examples being the bounty hunter killing bounty hunter sequence which is far too drawn out to elicit consistent laughs. The movie is really trying too hard to be funny. Acting is so-so with Captain America being forced to play Captain Needy and an elite spy often emotionally out of control in the middle of an op. It often seems that these talented actors, miscast and misdirected as they are, are painfully aware that they are “acting.” For all these reasons, the movie is only slightly satisfying.

Dominant worldview is a rather slovenly Romanticism with some biblical moral elements. Sadie tries to get over deep loss with a one night stand while Cole acts like a reluctant Romantic poet in sensual suggestion which he eventually relents and does. He does eventually manage to teach Sadie that her “mission over man” paradigm is in need of a shift and helps her to grasp the importance of human relations and the value of a single life. However, this championing of the value of the individual seems to be understood from the standpoint of Romanticism rather than a biblical worldview. The romantic leads to look out for each other in a self-sacrificial way and manage to save the world from Aztec, but this would seem to be the only truly biblical theme in the movie. GHOSTED contains some sexuality, strong foul language and intense action violence. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.