Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

A young black/Latino couple in the Bronx tries to hold their family together in I LIKE IT LIKE THAT, even though he is arrested for stealing, she has to come up with money to feed their three children, and their parents, all their friends and most of their neighbors are conspiring to break them apart. This loud and profane film contains non-stop obscenities and explicit, as well as deviant, sexual acts.


(NA, LLL, VV, SSS, NN, Ho, A, D, M) Pagan worldview; 42 obscenities & numerous vulgarities; man hits children with belt; married intercourse, adultery depicted & bestiality (in this case to remove the "curse" of impotency); rear male nudity; homosexuality, transvestism & cross-dressing depicted in a main character; alcohol abuse; drug dealers recruit children; and, smoking.

More Detail:

In I LIKE IT LIKE THAT Lisette (Lauren Velez) and Chino (Jon Seda), are a young black/Latino couple living in a claustrophobic Bronx apartment where everyone from their three children to the neighbors on the front stoop can hear their gymnastic intercourse. Loud, noisy and profane pretty well describe this movie about a married couple who love each other but have little else to hold them together. When Chino, a numbers runner, steals to buy his wife a stereo, she must find a way to feed their children and make his bail. Meanwhile, the guys “in-the-hood” see Lisette dropped off by her new boss in a red Lamborghini, and they rush to inform everyone in the neighborhood that she is cheating on Chino. When news gets to Chino, he claims another woman’s son as his own. The marriage cannot hold up to the rumors and lies, so both commit adultery to “even the score.”

Attempting to be a romantic comedy, I LIKE IT LIKE THAT is short on comedy (other than the crudest kind), and the romance is spoiled by adultery, promiscuity and bestiality. Good Latino jazz, soft rock and rap add a spicy mix but most of the characters are “stuck-in-the-hood” types that speak a constant stream of obscenities and sexual references. The ending is unclear and the viewer is left with little hope for the young couple and marriage as an institution.