"The Great Break-In"


What You Need To Know:

Streaming on Netflix, CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET opens with memories of the first animated CHICKEN RUN movie, where the chickens escaped to an island where they build a village that looks like a Hobbit paradise. Cut to Rocky the Rooster and Ginger his wife welcoming their first child, Molly. Molly climbs up the tallest tree and wants to cross the water to see the mainland. Her parents forbid her, but, eventually, Molly crosses the water to the mainland, where she gets captured by a chicken fun farm that’s really a chicken nugget factory. Can Rocky and Ginger save Molly?

CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET is a funny and exciting morality tale. It promotes the strong message that children should obey their parents. It also says fathers should not make their adventure stories too exciting, and mothers should not be too controlling. Eventually, the good is extolled in action and dialogue. Also, a miracle saves some characters. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children, however, because of some scary cartoon violence segments in CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET.


(BBB, C, VV, M)

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral worldview with light Christian, redemptive elements, including repentance, about a little girl learning to obey her mother and father, with the mother being heroic female figure, but the father and daughter save the day at the end as does the grandfather, so, in spite of the claims of feminism, life is really about family defeating evil, which is a kind of concentration camp for chickens who act like people, and a miracle occurs at one point in the story

Foul Language:
No foul language

Lots of slapstick cartoon violence such as hitting a wall, hitting a truck, falling off a truck, falling down a chute, and many, many incidents of miraculously surviving threatening situations with some situations that actually could be life threatening, but heroes and heroines are always saved in the nick of time

No sex

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs, but villain has a device that has a collar that, when placed on the chickens, makes them happy, because the meat is more tender when a happy chicken is turned into an edible chicken nugget; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Every miscellaneous immorality is rebuked, major issues are repented such as daughter runs away to see the world and later repents, father tells daughter of his exciting adventures as a free range chicken, and she promises not to tell her mother, father repents, mother repents of being too controlling, and the only character who persists in evil is the owner of the chicken processing plant, who’s evidently going to return in a future movie as the villain.

More Detail:

The first CHICKEN RUN movie was the chickens breaking out of a farm owned and farmed by an evil woman farmer with an ax in her hand to prepare them for sale. Peter Lord at Aardmore Studios sold that movie with the pitch that it was a Great Escape movie with chickens. The new movie, CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET, is the great break-in to save the chickens form being turned into chicken nuggets. Again, the movie features delightful British, cheeky humor, some of which comes close to being sketchy.

Streaming on Netflix, the new CHICKEN RUN movie opens with memories of the first movie. Then, it switches to Rocky the Rooster and Ginger his wife giving birth to their first child, Molly, who’s emergence from the egg is very funny as she falls down the hill into a pile of hay, which is behind a pile of rocks. Such double-entendre, sleight of hand and wonderful scene compositions occur throughout the movie.

The chickens have escaped to a little island where they built a little village that looks like a Hobbit paradise. Molly climbs up the tallest tree and wants to cross the water to see the mainland. Her parents tell her not to go, but she tries. The island trades with the mainland through two funny rats, who are not the brightest. Also, Rocky’s father, who was in The Great War, tries to teach the chickens military techniques.

One day, looking across the water, they see a construction project and soon after a road is built with a group of trucks passing with signs on the sides of each of them advertising a fun chicken farm. Molly wants to visit the fun chicken farm.

The chickens are afraid of the construction project. So, Ginger the mother holds a town meeting where all the chickens agree to hide from the mainland. Thus, they erect a blind of leaves on vines and nets to make their settlement invisible.

One day, Rocky and Ginger wake up to find that Molly is missing from her little bed. They quicky discover that she’s lifted the net and escaped the island.

When Molly gets to the mainland, she meets a chicken named Frizzle who has been left behind by the chicken farm trucks. Both of them decide they’re going to catch up to the trucks and go to the fun farm.

When they get there, they avoid having collars put around their necks. Eventually, however, Frizzle gets a collar, and all the chickens with collars become zombies.

Meanwhile, Rocky and Ginger assemble a group of chickens to try to save Molly. They have a typical number of exciting events occur as they try to catch up to the fun farm without getting captured. Against all odds, Rocky gets into the fun farm, avoiding a series of mines and obstacles stopping anyone from getting into the farm. Rocky’s father’s been told he’s going to be the getaway man, but he realizes he’s just being relegated to staying behind. Ginger and her friends figure out another way to get in and experience a new set of difficult adventures.

Eventually, they all show up in a room where the owner of the farm and her husband, a crazy scientist, show the owner of a restaurant chain that they have this fun farm setup to make chickens happy before they climb up a mountain, fall down a chute, and get sliced and diced to become chicken nuggets, because happy chickens make better nuggets. The restaurant owner places a giant order for nuggets with the owner and her husband.

Will the chickens escape again? Will they save the other chickens? Will any chickens be left behind? And, what will happen to this evil chicken nugget manufacturing plant?

CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET is a morality tale. It presents the strong message that children should obey their mothers and fathers, that fathers should not make stories about their adventures too exciting, and mothers should not be too controlling. As the movie progresses, bad actions are rebuked, and the good is extolled in action and dialogue. At one point, a miracle saves some characters. Every Aardmore movie contains at least one miracle.

The movie’s not for very little children, because there are some scary cartoon violence segments. However, for children around age 8 and up, CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET is a very fun and funny adventure that MOVIEGUIDE® highly commends. The director, whose name is Sam Fell, says that whereas the first movie was THE GREAT ESCAPE with chickens, this movie is a James Bond story.