Profanity, obscenity, promiscuity, and crude sexual references.

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Three estranged brothers in 1963 are brought together by Dad to transport a 1954 Cadillac Coupe de Ville to their Mom for her 50th birthday. Unfortunately, this warm, family-oriented comedy is marred by profanity and obscenity.

Contacting his oldest son, Marvin, a sergeant in the Air Force, Fred, the father, instructs him to pick up the Caddy in Detroit and drive it cross-country to their home in Florida. When Marvin arrives to make the pick-up, he is surprised to find his intellectual brother Buddy there, who has been sent on the same mission. Buddy is equally surprised to see Marvin and has further instructions to pick up their rebellious third brother, Bobby, from a nearby reform school.

Since the three haven’t seen or talked to each other in several years, the ensuing trip makes for lots of laughs that arise from the tension and animosity between the brothers. In spite of their bickering and fighting, they come to know one another better.

By the time they reach Florida, the experience of having to pull through a few trials and tribulations together has bonded them into a new relationship of love, not only with each other, but also with their father, whose shortcomings have contributed to his sons’ poor relationships. This is, of course, the real birthday gift in their mother’s eyes.

The film is very well-written and acted. Expected cliches of Hollywood comedy give way to fresh action and dialogue. What a shame that the film’s messages of love triumphing over selfishness and forgiveness bringing about reconciliation are overshadowed by an instance of pre-marital sex and crude talk about sex in a degrading manner. It is also marred by a number of obscenities and repetitive profanities.

The film makers are to be commended for making a picture that is strongly pro-family. However, they need to be reminded that there are millions of Americans who do not appreciate the name of God nor His Son being taken in vain as “entertainment” and that true reconciliation can only come through Jesus Christ.

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