What You Need To Know:

Informing Christians of occultic philosophies and practices in our culture, HALLOWEEN: TRICK OR TREAT is a fast-paced, hard-hitting video that combines state-of-the art computer animation with rare behind-the scenes footage of ancient pagan religions and practices filmed all over the world. Although intriguing, TRICK OR TREAT is regrettably poorly documented and will leave viewers scared out of their wits.


(B, NA, O) Biblical worldview and paganism rebuked as illustrated by actual pagan and witchcraft rituals and incantations, interviews with witches and warlocks, discussion about child sacrifice, satanic crimes and ritual abuse, mystic Druid rites.

More Detail:

Informing Christians of occultic philosophies in our culture, PAGAN INVASION: HALLOWEEN: TRICK OR TREAT is a hard-hitting video that combines computer animation with behind-the scenes footage of pagan practices filmed all over the world. The video examines satanic crimes, ritual abuse, and mystic Druid rites. The rituals are real and not re-enactments. The video opens with Chuck Smith and Caryl Matriciana asking viewers to fasten their seatbelts. PAGAN INVASION proceeds with a look at horror within the entertainment industry. Evidently, horror films generate 20% of the industry’s revenue. The Video Software Dealer’s Association claims their two biggest genres are porn and horror. TRICK OR TREAT flashes newspaper headlines which cite horror films as inspiration for copycat crimes. Chuck Smith notes that ritual crimes are reaching epidemic proportions.

Clearly, paganism influences western culture, but to skim juicy bits off the top without systematically examining the evidence leaves the viewer ill-informed and scared out of his wits. If less emphasis were placed on the ghastly deeds of pagan cults and more on a Biblical means of refuting them, the viewer would be better prepared to help people enslaved by cultic beliefs.

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