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What You Need To Know:

THE BABYSITTER'S CLUB is an innocuous and moderately-entertaining-for-young-girls adaptation of a popular children's book series showcasing a group of clean-cut and ambitious girls who create a summer day camp for little tykes. They show planning, organization, teamwork, friendship, and the importance of telling the truth with wholesome enthusiasm, while struggling with their own personal problems.


(B, L, V, M) Moral worldview promoting telling the truth and fulfilling duties; 2 mild obscenities; mild tomfoolery including shooting a slingshot, boy hits himself with bat, getting caught in the sprinklers & planting smokebombs; sabotage; and, lying.

More Detail:

Kristy Brewer lives in upscale suburban neighborhood. As an entrepreneur, she embarks on a capitalistic opportunity to provide a baby sitting service with six of her closest friends. They call themselves THE BABYSITTERS CLUB. Unsatisfied with their financial earnings, the girls decide to put on a summer camp for children. With ample start up cash from their admission fees, the girls stage an activity filled extravaganza, attracting a large group of little tykes. As the summer wanes on, each girl must face personal struggles from facing a deadbeat dad, to telling a boyfriend about her diabetes and passing a test at summer school. In the end, everything is resolved and each character grows a little more wiser.

The storyline and directing keeps the movie simple and easy to follow. The director gets her unknown cast to jump through their adolescent hoops with skill and enthusiasm. This film bucks the trend of showing today’s young people as rebellious malcontents. These girls show organization, teamwork, friendship, and the value of telling the truth. It should be stated that one girl uses lucky trinkets to help her pass her test, and another makes a reference to bad karma. These elements are unnecessary in an otherwise wholesome picture.