"Crazy Mother Plays Mind Games"


What You Need To Know:

UNFORGETTABLE is a thriller about Julia, a 34-year-old woman who moves to Southern California to live with her fiancée, David, and his daughter from another marriage. David’s beautiful ex-wife, Tessa, is a bit of a control freak, however. Tessa becomes more and more angry about Julia moving in with David, not to mention the idea of Julia becoming like a second mother to Tessa’s daughter. Tessa steals Julia’s phone and sets up a fake Facebook page in Julia’s name to entice Julia’s abusive ex-boyfriend to invade Julia and David’s home. Things escalate from there.

UNFORGETTABLE sometimes plays like a typical thriller involving a love triangle where one-third of the triangle is clearly a crazy person. However, it often goes over-the-top, to the point where the dialogue, story, directing, or acting sometimes become laughable. UNFORGETTABLE has a mixed pagan worldview with dark, immoral content combined with moral elements about protecting a family from a troubled adult. It includes some strong foul language, a couple sex scenes, and a dark depiction of a mother. All in all, therefore, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution regarding this UNFORGETTABLE.


(Pa, B, LL, VV, SS, N, A, D, MM) Light mixed pagan worldview with some questionable or immoral content, including an engaged couple lives together before setting a wedding date, combined with some moral elements about stopping a violent mentally unbalanced person and protecting a child and her kindly father; 15 obscenities (including 10 “f” words) and six light exclamatory profanities; some strong and light violence with some blood includes man pushes woman against kitchen cabinet and left side of her face then shows some bloody wounds and cuts, man hit with poker in back of the head and has bloody wounds while unconscious, man stabbed in leg during a fight for a knife and then later in the heart fatally, woman falls down stairs, images of facial wounds, women fight, woman stabbed; two depicted fornication scenes, one briefly depicted sexting scene through social media texting, implied oral sex in one scene, passionate kissing between unmarried couple; brief upper male nudity and rear female nudity when woman steps out of bathtub; alcohol use; no smoking or drugs, although stressed woman considers taking up smoking again as she holds a pack of cigarettes; and, negative depictions of mother and grandmother, jealousy, lying, deceit, mother punishes young daughter by cutting her beautiful long hair, mother tries to force daughter to ride large horse but daughter is scared of the horse.

More Detail:

UNFORGETTABLE recently has been a popular title for movies.

The newest UNFORGETTABLE (starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl) is a thriller about a 34-year-old woman who must deal with the crazy ex-wife of her fiancée while trying to make friends with the woman’s cute young daughter. UNFORGETTABLE contains very uneven (and sometimes laughable and melodramatic) writing, directing and acting, plus some gratuitous lewd moments and strong foul language and a plot involving a violent, mentally unstable and a psychologically abusive grandmother.

The movie opens with 34-year-old writer Julia having some bloody wounds on one side of her face while being interrogated by the police. Julia’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Michael, has been found stabbed to death in her house, and the police have personal, romantic Facebook posts from Julia to Michael, despite the physical beating he once gave her, which put him in jail for a while. They’ve also found a pair of panties Julia supposedly gave Michael. Julia denies having done any of this.

Cut to six months earlier. Julia leaves her friends in San Francisco, including her personal and professional mentor, to live with her fiancée, David, and David’s cute little daughter, Lili, from his first ex-wife, Tessa. Tessa comes across as a bit tightly wound. Like her own mother, she’s very strict with her daughter, down to the way Lili holds her knife and cuts up or mixes her dinner.

Feeling threatened by Julia, especially when Lili starts to warm up to Julia, Tessa steals Julia’s cellphone. Using the phone, she finds out about Julia’s previous doomed relationship with her abusive ex-boyfriend. Tessa sneaks into David’s house and steals more things from Julia, including her pair of panties. Then, she sets about setting up a fake Facebook website in Julia’s name to communicate through Facebook posts with Michael, even to the point of having phone sex with him in Julia’s name.

Things escalate from there. Tessa starts playing mind games with Julia. She also makes it seem as if Julia is irresponsible in watching Lili while David’s off at work.

Julia figures out some of the underhanded things Tessa’s doing. However, will David listen to her concerns? Also, how did the ex-boyfriend end up getting stabbed to death? Finally, how crazy can Tessa get? (The answer to that last question is, Pretty crazy.)

UNFORGETTABLE sometimes plays like a typical thriller involving a love triangle where one-third of the triangle is clearly a crazy person. However, it often goes over-the-top, to the point where the dialogue, story, directing, and/or acting becomes laughable.

As for the movie’s moral and spiritual content, there seems to be no spiritual or religious content in UNFORGETTABLE. Morally, however, UNFORGETTABLE is ultimately a story about a really crazy, mentally unbalanced mother who endangers her ex-husband’s new bride-to-be. Also, the woman herself has a mother who’s also an emotionally abusive control freak. So, the movie’s biggest moral question is whether the new girlfriend can thwart the abusive mother and grandmother, and protect the little girl and her father, as well as herself from the mother’s evil intentions.

This gives UNFORGETTABLE a mixed pagan worldview where the only portrayals of a mother and a grandmother are negative ones, but where there’s also a moral aspect to the story where the heroine must protect a child and her kindly father from dark evil forces. Furthermore, though, the engaged couple in the movie live together before they set a date for their wedding. UNFORGETTABLE also contains some strong foul language and a couple depicted sex scenes. As a result of all this, MOVIEGUIDE® feels the movie’s darker, objectionable elements sometimes overwhelm its positive moral content.

All in all, therefore, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution regarding this UNFORGETTABLE.

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