Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

STONEWALL is about a the beginnings of the homosexual political movement in New York City during the late 1960's. When Matty Dean fails at simple non-violent protests, he gets violent in his quest for social acceptance. Depicting homosexual fornication and including many obscenities, it doesn't inform, but rather will offend moral Americans.


(HoHoHo, C, LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN, A, D, M) Strong homosexual worldview with one positive element of Catholic confession; 54 obscenities & 17 profanities; moderate violence including police rioting, suicide depicted by gunshot, fighting, brutality, & man dunked in dirty dishwater; cross-dressing, homosexual kissing, two instances of depicted homosexual sex, men bathing together, & implied homosexual sex; full male nudity; alcohol use; smoking; and, police brutality & protests

More Detail:

STONEWALL is a period movie which tells about homosexuals fighting to legitimatize perversion and sodomy. It is summer 1969, and Matty Dean has just arrived in New York city. He goes straight for a gay bar called Stonewall. There he meets a Hispanic queen, named LaMiranda , and a towering Black queen, named Bostonia . Police officer Vinnie enters and harasses them. Matty Dean eventually sodomizes LaMiranda, leaves him and joins a group who want political action. They form a protest at Independence Hall. When the Stonewall is raided again, Matty Dean forms another kind of protest. Joining LaMiranda with fists-held high, he and the other queens violently attack the police.

This movie reinforces many of the reasons why moral America objects to homosexuality. Matty Dean is promiscuous and defiant. The drag queens are dim-witted layabouts who act like sissy’s or are arrogant. This movie often depicts their grief and frustration. The social struggle and political activism therefore, takes a back seat to their personal struggles. Homosexuals are not to be persecuted, pitied or even sympathized with but need the love of Christ – a love big enough to condemn their sin, embrace their fractured spirits and offer them a new life. This movie depicts a lot of homosexual sex and cross-dressing. It isn’t made for moral America and will not win any sympathies from heterosexuals.

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