"Sometimes the Strongest Voice is a Whisper"

Content: +4 Biblical worldview, with no questionable elements whatsoever.

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THE SOUND OF THE SPIRIT tells the story of a young girl, Rivka, pulled between two synagogues, Jewish and Messianic. She loves both congregations and seeks to reconcile them. Her father raised Rivka as a Messianic Jew after her mother’s death and his conversion. When Rivka is 12 and preparing for her Bat-Mitzvah, her father suddenly dies. She begins to live with her aunt and uncle, both traditional Jews. Rivka makes new friends as she’s immersed into their Jewish synagogue. However, she struggles with misunderstanding and bitterness because of her Messianic Christian faith. She seeks the voice of the Holy Spirit to lead her.

A strong Christian and Biblical worldview is prevalent throughout SOUND OF THE SPIRIT. The movie also encourages viewers to love and forgive their neighbor. SOUND OF THE SPIRIT is a clean, wholesome movie. The Jewish synagogue invites an “anti-missionary” to speak about the danger of Messianic Jews. However, Rivka maintains her Christian faith as she seeks advice from the Holy Spirit. THE SOUND OF THE SPIRIT is an inspiring movie for all ages.


(CCC, BBB, M) Very strong Christian, biblical and moral worldview; no language; no violence; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking/drug use; and, there are a few instances of anger towards Messianic Jews from members of a Jewish Synagogue and someone dies of a heart attack, but it’s filmed very tastefully with the character sitting on a sidewalk bench and holding his heart.

More Detail:

THE SOUND OF THE SPIRIT tells the story of a young girl, Rivka, pulled between two synagogues, Jewish and Messianic, that she loves and seeks to reconcile. The plot moves forward slowly and the writing is choppy at times, but as a whole the movie is endearing and inspirational.

The story opens with two different congregations meeting on Shabbat and reading passages from Leviticus 19:2, Deuteronomy 6 and Mark 12:31. The rabbis are teaching on the holiness of God and His command to love your neighbor as yourself.

Rivka is introduced as a 12-year-old girl. She lives alone with her father, because her mother died when she was four. Rivka and her father are Messianic Jews. Their Christian conversion has caused tension between them and Rivka’s uncle, a devout Jew. Rivka is preparing for her Bat-Mitzvah. She prays that her uncle and aunt will be reconciled with her father and come to her ceremony.

A few days later, Rivka’s father meets with his brother for the first time in years. During their meeting, Rivka’s uncle says that if something were to happen to her father they would not be able to take Rivka into their home because of their opposing beliefs. The meeting ends abruptly, and they part ways. The next day, Rivka’s father dies of a heart attack, but Rivka’s aunt and uncle choose to bring her into their home anyway.

Upon their request, Rivka begins to attend her aunt and uncle’s synagogue. She makes new friends, including Nicky, a cute boy curious about her faith. As she begins to integrate into her uncle’s Jewish community, there is friction among the adults concerning her participation in events and her influence on their children.

An “anti-missionary” is brought to speak with the congregation about the dangers of Messianic Jews proselytizing the Jewish congregation. After this, Nicky isn’t allowed to speak with Rivka. Also, Rivka is no longer permitted to go on a trip to Israel with some young people from her congregation.

Rivka is deeply hurt by this and tells the rabbi she won’t be having her Bat-Mitzvah with the congregation. She’s approached by one of the synagogue’s teachers, who knew her father. He asks her to reconsider and seek the Lord about her decision. He gives the example of Elijah in the desert and the voice of the Lord giving him counsel. So, Rivka goes on a fast for several days and prays for the voice of the Spirit to lead her to the right decision.

THE SOUND OF THE SPIRIT has a very strong Christian, biblical, moral worldview. With the exception of a few outbursts of anger from synagogue members and a slightly ominous feeling during the teaching of the “anti-missionary,” the movie is suitable for all ages.

The aesthetic of the film is high. The lighting and framing are well done, but there were several abrupt transitions from scene to scene.

SOUND OF THE SPIRIT is a clean, wholesome movie. Rivka maintains her Christian faith, despite the opposition she receives. Ultimately, THE SOUND OF THE SPIRIT is an inspiring movie for all ages.

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