Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

UNHOOK THE STARS explores themes of grief management, being neighborly, serving others, and discovering one's path late in life. Late-middle aged Mildred baby-sits for free and helps her neighbors reconcile in this bittersweet tale. Though having many moral attributes and a Christian worldview, it does have many obscenities and the production value is poor.


(CC, LLL, V, N, A, D, M) Moderate Christian worldview emphasizing charity & sacrifice with positive reference to church going; 55 obscenities & 4 profanities; implied wife beating; upper male nudity & woman in underwear; alcohol use & abuse; smoking; and, rebellion themes

More Detail:

UNHOOK THE STARS explores themes of grief management, being neighborly, serving others, and discovering one’s path late in life. In the movie, Mildred lives in a quiet neighborhood and is left alone by her rebel daughter. Her loneliness lasts only briefly – until a neighborhood woman, Monica, comes over with her six-year-old son J.J. Monica is noticeably bruised from her husband’s physical abuse and asks Mildred to look after J.J. when she works. Mildred gladly accepts and won’t receive any money from Monica. Relieved, this marks the beginning of a new friendship between the two women and between Mildred and J.J. Complications arise when Mildred’s son asks her to move away, Monica’s husband demands reconciliation and unexpected romance comes knocking on Mildred’s door.

This movie has many positive and moral themes: Mildred baby-sits for free; she befriends Monica, a social outcast; and, she encourages Monica to reconcile with her abusive husband, which Monica does, and so he becomes a repentant man. However, the production value of this movie is poor, particularly with the script, the photography and some of the acting. It also has many obscenities and implied physical abuse. Even so, it represents Christian virtues standing in contrast to the virtues of the world.

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