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Rear female nudity, promiscuity, profanity, obscenity, jealously, and covetousness

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Fifteen years have passed since the teenage Roxy Carmichael left home seeking fame and fortune in Hollywood. Now, the residents of her small Ohio hometown are preparing for the return of the woman who has become a living legend.

No one is anticipating the gala homecoming more than the town’s current rebel, 15-year-old Dinky Bossetti, the ultimate “groupie”. Dinky tells her adoptive parents she is determined to follow in Roxy’s footsteps and make her own dreams come true. For Dinky, the idol worship of Roxy is an obsession. Striving to pattern her life exactly after Roxy’s, she becomes “young Roxy” to her taunting classmates.

Other townspeople are also awaiting Roxy’s arrival: Denton Webb, who fathered a child with Roxy before getting married and starting his own family; Beth, Denton’s wife, who is losing patience over her husband’s continued infatuation with Roxy; and, former jealous classmates and teachers for whom Roxy is still the main topic of conversation. All have an opinion or impression of Roxy’s return, which is causing quite a stir in the small Ohio town.

To honor Roxy, the townsfolk have organized a “Roxy Ball”. But, curiously, scenes which show Roxy preparing for the trip back home never reveal her face, just shots of her from the neck down or from the rear as she swims nude in a pool.

Roxy’s imminent return is the catalyst for Dinky to consider her past, present and future in contemplation of where she is going and where she has been. In listening to Denton, Dinky comes to believe that she is the baby that Roxy had and abandoned at the hospital before leaving town. Hope and purpose are thus brought into her life, and she packs her things for Hollywood to return with Roxy, whom she believes to be her mother.

Beth, meanwhile, gets fed up with Denton’s preoccupation and leaves him. Finally, the Great Moment arrives, and, wouldn’t you know it, it is a no show for Roxy. Denton dispels Dinky’s illusion by telling her that Roxy’s illegitimate daughter died at birth. Dinky presumably begins her life of growing up.

WELCOME HOME, ROXY CARMICHAEL is a study in idol worship and the error of putting all your faith and hope in another human being. Christians know that only the Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of such worship, but the film does not make that known.

The theme of role-modeling in the movie is a significant one. Those exceptionally gifted, talented and usually successful people who are brought to our attention do ignite in us a need to exemplify them in our behavior. Oftentimes, the role being modeled is bigger than life, and the character traits less than honorable. The challenge, then, is to find appropriate role models.

Well, there aren’t any in WELCOME HOME, ROXY CARMICHAEL, but perhaps the film can open a door for sharing the good news that is found in Jesus Christ. This is probably the best thing for which to hope and pray, as the film, which is not for viewing, contains profanity, obscenity, nudity, and immoral sexual situations.

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