Five Things Miley Cyrus Can Learn from Duck Dynasty

1. Honor Your Father and Mother

Rule #1 in the Duck Dynasty clan is to honor your father and mother. One of last season’s episodes featured Sadie Robertson, Willie’s youngest daughter, shopping for a prom dress. Willie disapproved of her daughter’s choice in clothing due to its immodesty, so she took it back to the store.
 2. Sex Doesn’t Sell
 Duck Dynasty’s season opener featured Phil and Kay Roberston renewing their vows, and the show broke cable records for number of viewers. Each episode is clean, wholesome, family-friendly entertainment that is continuing to draw in millions of viewers.
3. Don’t Forget Where You Came From 

Thanks to the Robertson’s family hard work and determination, their Duck Commander enterprise is a multi-million dollar company. The sudden fortune hasn’t changed their attitude and outlook on life, however. Each episode ends with the family gathered around the dinner table saying grace and thanking the Lord above for their blessings.
4. It’s O.K. Not To Take Yourself Too Seriously
 The Robertson clan is well known for their practical jokes and pranks. Life can be rough at times, and a little humor goes a long way in relieving stress.
5. The Family that Prays Together Stays Together

The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty is a family of faith. They pray at meals and live out their Christian faith in every area of their life. There may be tough moments, but the bond they share through their faith holds them together.

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