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Dallas Jenkins Reveals His Hopes for THE CHOSEN’s Future

Screenshot from THE CHOSEN YouTube

Dallas Jenkins Reveals His Hopes for THE CHOSEN’s Future

By Movieguide® Contributor 

As THE CHOSEN reaches its halfway point, Dallas Jenkins, the show’s director, producer, creator and writer, revealed his hopes for its future.

In an Instagram video posted on THE CHOSEN page, Jenkins said, “It’s really bizarre to think it’s not that long ago, that I did the short film on the farm in Illinois. But then on the other hand, it didn’t happen so quickly.” 

He continued, “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh! Three and a half seasons!’ Somewhere around 240 days of filming over the course of several years, with hundreds of cast and crew, and I’m going to do this all again?” 

“I look forward to being done and being able to say, ‘We did seven seasons, and we accomplished what we set out to do, and we served God well and with integrity and authenticity, surrender, and humility,”’ the director revealed. “I look forward to hopefully being able to say that.”

One fan commented, “Just finished binging all 3 seasons and I’m hooked. Now when I read the gospels, I feel like I personally know these people.”

Another fan offered encouragement and prayers, writing, “You are serving God so well, changing and literally saving lives with this series. So many prayers going up for the rest of the journey as it gets even tougher.”

In an interview with Lisa Dent on WGN radio, Jenkins explained what sets the series apart.

“This is the first multi-season show in history about the life of Christ,” Jenkins began. 

“This is a show that feels like a normal TV show. It just happens to be about the first-century people in Galilee,” he added. He revealed that his inspiration for THE CHOSEN came from WEST WING and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. 

However, what separates THE CHOSEN from other Bible-based TV series is that it’s “authentic” and shows that the characters are “human.” 

Dallas Jenkins also shared many photos of behind-the-scenes shots from the show on his Instagram. 

Jenkins wrote, “One of the reasons I show you so much behind the curtain is that I want you to see how hard everyone grinds to justify your faith in the show.” 

Movieguide® recently reported on THE CHOSEN series: 

The hit series created by Dallas Jenkins, THE CHOSEN, streams to millions across the world. 

With millions of unique viewers, Jenkins is no stranger to the comments and criticisms from the public. However, the series recently received backlash over an on-set observation of a pride flag, which many saw as an opportunity to condemn the show as a whole…

Ultimately, Jenkins reminded fans of his heart behind his creation of THE CHOSEN, “My heart is for people around the world to see an authentic portrayal of Jesus that draws them closer to the Bible and the real Jesus.” 

The second controversy that followed THE CHOSEN has been whether the series is a Christian program.  

Jenkins assured fans, “Yes, our show itself is Christian, obviously, in that it’s about Christ, has an evangelical Christian perspective, and is made by me, an evangelical. That said, we’ve made clear from the beginning that many of our cast and crew aren’t Christians, and we don’t consider our ‘production’ to be Christian in the sense that we don’t identify our team or our set that way.” 

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